KCW- First Makes for Fall

KCW First Makes For Fall

Just back from our quick jaunt up to Minnesota and sewing like mad for KCW!  I totally forgot KCW was coming up.  You can view all my past makes here on my project page as well.  Kids Clothes Week happens four times a year where we sew for our kids for one hour a day for a week.  It’s perfect timing as Ami had a request for a new red dress (this from the girl who always wants pink and purple!) I’m also working on finishing up the kids Halloween costumes.  Ami’s fabric, a lovely vintage red organic knit is on its way from Marcy Tilton as well as some organic black knit fabric for Nigel’s skeleton costume.  I have quite the stash of clothing to reuse from my mom and husband so a bunch of skater dresses and tops are on my list of projects for the week.

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

Minnesota was so lovely.  What a refresher from our Florida long and hot summer to feel some nice cool and crisp weather, hike trails and collect colored leaves (saved in wax paper) for Nigel.   We went for my grandmother’s funeral and had a wonderful time visiting with our extended family.  We haven’t all gotten together in five years so it was fabulous to see everyone and reconnect.  The kids had a blast with their cousins (Nigel now wants to move to CA to live near his second cousin) and playing outdoors in the tree house, climbing hills, playing Lego’s and crafting and having an awesome s’mores bonfire.

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

The funeral itself was just beautiful and my uncles gave wonderful eulogies.  It was such a lovely celebration of an amazing woman. I proudly wore my new Vintage Vogue dress (getting many compliments) and read the second reading (I was practicing all week!) during the service.  My kids got a bit restless as they’ve never sat through a mass before and Ami cried when I got up to read but all in all it went quite well.

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona


So here are my first makes for the week.  Two cute girl’s skater dresses from Kitschy Coo.  I love this pattern as its so quick and easy to make.  I made these two dresses in a little less then two hours start to finish during Ami’s afternoon nap- while watching my shows I missed last week, project runway and new girl :)    I’ve made a ton of these already, for both the kids and myself (the Lady Skater) as regular dresses and altered to swimwear.  Later today I’ll be working on two shirt versions for my son.

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona


Both dresses are made from knit shirts my mom gave me to refashion.  Every time she cleans out her closet I get a pile of clothes to reuse and I knew Ami would love all the pinks and purples.  I used three different tops to make these, both in a 3T/4T using the long sleeve version.  I did add a few inches in length.  The pink floral top above has the bodice in the floral and the reverse side for the collar and the purple skirt is the reverse side of the purple print on the second dress’ bodice you see below.  I love how when the cuffs are rolled the reverse side looks.  Both are so comfy- a big factor in what Ami will actually wear.  I’ve given up on making her woven dresses for now- they just don’t get worn like the knits do.

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona

Ami loves these. She’s been showing them off too- telling everyone her mommy made them- so cute!  Ami is not as into posing for me lately so we took her baby and carriage outside on the landing for pics.  In between pretty poses she did some hilarious crazy face runs up and down the breezeway.  Enjoy the cuteness…

IMG_8132 IMG_8139 IMG_8111 KCW First Makes for Fall and MN Trip- Sew Pomona


Ami’s Maleficent gown is done too- but I’m saving the pics for my Halloween post so stay tuned.  Happy sewing!

Briar Rose Skater Dress + Travel Packing

briar rose skater, Sew Pomona

Ami took a lovely 2 hour nap on Friday and I was able to whip this little dress up just in time for our trip to Minnesota for my grandmother’s funeral.  The kids and I are leaving this afternoon.  Vic is staying home for work but we’ll be traveling with my Mom and Dad  and my sister’s family so it should be a pretty relaxing trip.  It’s also Ami’s first time on a plane so the kids are super excited.  I’m a bit excited for a few days of real fall weather with colorful foliage and crisp temps.

Briar Rose Skater Dress, Sew Pomona

This dress is part of my planned Halloween Costume for Sleeping Beauty this year and a perfect travel dress.  It’s lightweight, not prone to wrinkling and oh so comfy to wear.  It’s also my 3rd Lady Skater dress!   My first version in Ikat is here and my second is here.  Really one of my favorite patterns.


Briar Rose Skater Dress, Sew Pomona

This version is slightly modified from my last two makes.  And the fit now is just about perfect.  I added .5″ to the waist and 4 ” to the skirt this go around.  I also made this version almost completely on my serger.  Out of necessity ( I didn’t have a double needle) I  folded over my hem to the inside and then serged it together for the bottom band.  I really like how it turned out.

Briar Rose Skater Dress, Sew Pomona

Briar Rose Skater Dress, Sew Pomona

Briar Rose Skater Dress, Sew Pomona

The fabrics are both a Bamboo Rayon Spandex Knit in the colors Studio Taupe and Putty from Marcy Tilton.  I ordered the dark color(Studio Taupe) from the end cuts section, at a great deal for 1 1/3 yds., and ordered just a yard of the Putty .  I was originally planning on doing a dark skirt with a plain light bodice but thought it looked more interesting with the dark bands at neck and arm.  I’m so happy with the color combo.  It’s not my usual choice but was perfect for the Briar Rose dress.  I was planning on dyeing it after the holidays to make it more wearable but I love it as is.

Briar Rose Skater Dress, Sew Pomona

I also made a cute little twisted headband with my remnants.  With my hair growing out I need it out of my face when it’s still so hot.  Just a simple double layer tube twisted before attaching the ends.  Easy peasy .

Briar Rose Skater Dress, Sew Pomona

It’s always fun planning out what handmade clothes I’ll be traveling with. Here’s what I’m packing for this trip.   We’re only gone for 4 days but I wanted lots to mix and layer, plus comfy clothes for the plane trip and car drive to Mankato. I’m taking this newest skater dress, my earlier skater dress and my Centauree Ava Swimsuit(for the hotel pool), my indigo dyed jeans, My Shell Shibori Jacket, Marcy Tilton Pants, plus a new pair of black leggings using V8859 from Marcy Tilton(unblogged) and my newest Vintage Vogue Dress and Jacket that I’ll be wearing for my Grandmother’s funeral on Thursday.  Since the weather will most likely be colder then what we’re used to here I had to add in more RTW then normal, for me and the kids.  I did get a chance to make Ami a new swimsuit to wear to the pool and lengthened her older suit.  I thought it was kinda funny how few actual swim suits she has since we mostly wear full rashguards for the sun here.

Travel Packing- Handmade Clothes- Sew Pomona

Travel Packing- Handmade Clothes- Sew Pomona

Travel Packing- Handmade Clothes- Sew Pomona

Travel Packing- Handmade Clothes- Sew Pomona

Halloween Sewing Plans + Costumes Past



I LOVE Halloween!  It’s my favorite holiday of the year- I love a good excuse to dress up.  Growing up our costumes were always handmade by my mom, who was quite the seamstress.  I went as a butterfly, a black cat, Sleeping Beauty & Rapunzel (my yarn wig was awesome!).  In High school I started making my own costumes, mostly thrifted , ranging from George Sand(my favorite French writer), Isaac Asimov (I can’t quite recall why? I wore a 3 piece suit and made steel wool muttonchops),  and the Goddess Diana (silver spandex one sleeve dress with moon jewelry) which were a bit too literary/highbrow for anyone to guess who exactly I was supposed to be!  I thought It would be fun to share some of our family costumes from the last few years before I started blogging.  I also have some great Halloween Pinterest boards if you’d like more inspiration!

Halloween 2009

Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci, Italian Renaissance Gown, c.1470-1505 Views II and IV Period Patterns no 41.
Lady with Ermine, Leonardo da Vinci

Halloween 2009

LadywithErmine- Halloween 2009 Sew Pomona

Halloween 2010

Regency Drop Waist Gown and Maternity Corset (pregnant with Ami), from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1,1798-1805 Salisbury museum Gown Reproduction and White Linen Jumps, c.1790 from Corsets, Historical Patterns and Techniques by Jill Salon.  Nigel as an Octopus(pics farther down) RegencyGown, Sew Pomona

Random Costumes for Play: Octopus(Halloween 2010), Bat Boy, Darth Vader, Ninja, & Pirate Ami!

Costumes for play, Sew Pomona

Halloween 2011
Phineas & Ferb Theme-Ami as Perry the Platypus, Nigel as Phineas, and myself as Candace.

Halloween2012 Sew Pomona

Lego Ninjago Costume for Nigel’s Buddy Eli:

Lego Ninjago Costume, Sew Pomona

Halloween 2012

Snow White & The Huntsman Theme  (except for Nigel)- Ami as Forest Snow White, Myself as The Evil Queen Ravenna (self draped gown and foam crown plus awesome ring I found on Etsy!) & Nigel as an Army man.

Halloween2013, Sew Pomona

Halloween 2013
Me as Jess from New Girl (Gertie’s Butterick Pattern B5882), Ami as Little Bo Peep  (Butterick B5900 Historical Dress and Bonnet(self drafted), Nigel as a Stormtrooper (a last minute make) and Darth Vader.

Halloween2014, Sew Pomona

If you’d like more ideas check out my inspiration boards below!



This year our theme is going to be Sleeping Beauty.  Ami is obsessed with Maleficent! Today is my son Nigel’s 6th birthday(!!!) but what Ami is psyched about is that Sleeping Beauty is being re released today :)  My little 3 year old loves the scary witches and evil queens the best in fairy tales.  She gets so angry when the Disney princess books don’t include the witch, that’s the best part!  You should hear her tell her fairy stories-they are EPIC!  So Ami is going as a little Maleficent. I made a muslin and am now piecing together my fabric (I’m using two dress from Goodwill as the main fabric) and love how it’s all coming together.

I of course must go as Briar Rose.  I talked Ami down from the Blue Gown(what’s up with the pink version- I definitely like the blue best!) so I’ll be the forest maiden.  I bought my fabric already- two neutral bamboo knits from Marcy Tilton.  I’m planning on using the Lady Skater Dress as my base so I can wear this regularly,  after Halloween I’ll be shibori dyeing the dress.   I’m going to raise the neckline slightly and lengthen the skirt-maybe add some more fullness.  I’ll make my black over corset out of some leftover black organic jersey in my stash.  Accessories will be a little removable collar, a long scarf and basket.  My mom actually has the perfect wig for me to use in her dress up bin.

Nigel is not into the whole Sleeping Beauty theme and so far is thinking he’ll be a skeleton.  He still may change his mind, so I’ll make his costume last.  You can look at all my inspiration for this years costumes below!

Are you dressing up for Halloween?  I’d love to know what you’ll be going as and if you’ll be making your costume.  So happy I have kids so no one thinks I’m crazy for dressing up at 38 :)

Vintage Vogue Blooming Dress & Jacket


I fell for and bought this fabric ages ago from Marcy Tilton but couldn’t decide what I wanted to make with this beautiful print.  My plan originally was to  make a two piece co-ords set, maybe pants and a jacket, to sew along with Ada’s Two-Piece Setacular.  But with all the distractions of the start of school, sick kids and a death in the family everything got backtracked in my sewing queue.   After learning of my grandmother’s passing I felt inspired to go ahead and make something with this fabric which reminded me of her.  I was treating the fabric like this precious thing that I was afraid I’d mess up, which is just silly.  My grandmother’s practicality gave me the kick I needed to just get on with it.    So here’s my two piece look,  albeit a bit later than planned.

Vintage Vogue Blooming Dress

Vintage Vogue Blooming DressVintage Vogue Blooming Dress

I wanted to try making a mash-up of two of my newer patterns that are both Vintage Vogue from the 1950’s.  I love the two piece bodice of V8687 but knew the pleats at the waist would not be flattering for me.  But V1137’s skirt would be perfect.  I love the slim profile with the side kick pleats.  I wanted a longer dress to make the most of this fabric which graduates from a pure white with black blooms and then goes to the darker blue.  I thought the bodice piecing would be fabulous with some color blocking so I kept the top all white and cut the lower bodice as it fades to blue and carefully cut my skirt so it would end with the white as a border.


The jacket (size 40) was made with the last panel of fabric I had left with some very frugal cutting.  This Burda jacket was just the silhouette I was looking for without requiring much yardage.  The only alteration I made was to use set in pockets instead of welts.  Mainly due to fabric restrictions.  I had originally thought to put pockets in the dress itself and had cut them out but decided against it.   This jacket is perfectly practical for our weather here in Florida, anything heavier is just not needed.  I do miss my fall layering up north!

Vintage Vogue Blooming DressVintage Vogue Blooming DressVintage Vogue Blooming Dress

Patterns I used:

Dress-  Vintage Vogue bodice V8687 & skirt V1137

V8687 (BODICE)


V1137 (SKIRT)

3/4 Sleeve Cropped Jacket- Burda 121 05/2011


Burda Cropped Jacket



3 Panels of  Blooming stretch cotton  from Marcy Tilton

Construction wise I’m really proud of this make.  The interior hems for the dress and jacket as well as the zipper are all hand finished with pin prick stitches that are nearly invisible.  I also added two snap fasteners to the shoulder interior to hold my bra straps.  I cut  both patterns in a size 12 and the fit is spot on.  I was a bit nervous sewing it up as I didn’t make a muslin but my size tends to be pretty consistent with Vogue.  I just know to cut a 12 even if the envelope recommends I should be at least a 16.

Vintage Vogue Blooming Dress

Vintage Vogue Blooming Dress

Vintage Vogue Blooming Dress

I’ll be wearing this look in a few weeks for my grandmother’s memorial ceremony in Minnesota.   My grandmother was a really amazing woman, both practical and creative, and I think she’d love this outfit.   But what she loved the most I think was when the whole family could get together.  We had some wonderful 4th of July and Christmas celebrations in Michigan and MN!  She purposely planned that her memorial service would be held a month after her death so we could all gather together.  I love that this gave us all time to really remember and celebrate her life in our own ways.

Vintage Vogue Blooming Dress


Fall Sewing- WIP


I’m so excited about the pieces I’ve been sewing lately, though nothing is finished yet.  Fall comes very slowly here in Florida, so what I wear really doesn’t change too much throughout the year.  But even the slight dip in temps, and cloudy rainy days lately are a welcome change.

So here’s my list of Works in Progress:

My dress for my grandmother’s funeral next month in MN.  I’m using two patterns for the dress, V8687 for the bodice and V1137 for the skirt in this amazing Blooming stretch cotton (I bought three panels) from Marcy Tilton.  This one just needs a good pressing and bra securing interior snaps and it’s good to go.  I just LOVE this dress, and I think my grandmother would too.  The interior is all hand finished so it really looks fabulous!   I just finished the matching jacket this weekend using Burda 121 05/2011, adorable.  This piece is going to be so versatile, perfect little cropped 3/4 sleeve jacket.

IMG_7772 IMG_7771 Fall Sewing-WIP- Sew Pomona

I have everything cut out, and it was tight since I was short on yardage, for my next dress.  Its V2787  in an organic hemp knit from Organic Cottons Plus that I plan on dyeing with cochineal extract from Botanical Colors after it’s sewn up.  Can’t wait!  Ami is excited since it’s pink and I got a free sample of the discontinued food grade version of the dye, so she gets some more pink clothes too!  I can’t get her to wear anything but pink lately, she has her own very definite fashion sense!

Fall Sewing-WIP- Sew Pomona

Next up are some much needed knit pants.  Since I walk the kids to and from school I really need more fitness like clothing to stay comfy.  I bought these knits from Fabric.com, both organic knits.  I’m planning on making Marcy Tilton’s V8859 pants in the black and altering Jalie 3022 yoga pants to a slightly wider leg Capri from the print.

IMG_7766 Fall Sewing-WIP- Sew PomonaIMG_7769

Hoping to have everything done soon and get some pics taken to show these off.  Happy Sewing!


Shell Wrap Shibori Jacket



I’ve had this make finished for quite a while but it’s been just too hot to take pics.  I still probably won’t get any wear out of this for a few more months, but I love it!  This jacket was made with the leftover yardage from my Deer & Doe Centauree Dress and while the pink was lovely I didn’t want two pieces in my wardrobe that were so similar.  I decided to try a new shibori technique after collecting tons of seashells with the kids at the beach.  Instead of the traditional stone wrapping I decided to wrap the shells.  I love that if you look closely you can see the prints of the shells but from a distance it’s a bit more abstract.

When I first showed this off to my husband and family they really thought it was hideous.  Mainly because I tried it on with what I was already wearing that day, a long dress, which didn’t help the boxy shape.  I knew this silhouette would work with the right look, it just needs a slim pant and a bit more structure.  I love the boxy shape and the seaming details on this Burda blouse.  I wanted to use this pattern more like a jacket mainly because I knew it would need to be layered to work for me as the v-neck is quite deep.    I’m looking forward to making another version, maybe in a voile, to give it a completely different look.

Shell Wrap Shibori Jacket Burda 117 02/2014

Here is the fabric after the first madder dye, a light pink:

Shell Wrapped Shibori Natural Dye

I used 298 shells for this project!


And here’s what the fabric looked like wrapped before entering the dye bath:

IMG_5301 IMG_5302 Shell Wrapped Shibori Fabric

And the results:

IMG_5304Shell Wrap Shibori Jacket Burda 117 02/2014

Fabric:  Colorgrown , Island Maze, 100% Organic Cotton grown in the US, from Organic Cottons Plus, leftover yardage after making my Centauree Dress.

Natural Dyeing:  The fabric was mordanted with Tannin, then dyed in the excess from my Madder dye bath, and then over-dyed after shell wrapping in a mixture of hibiscus tea, vinegar and henna, what I had lying around in the house.

Pattern:  Burda Deep V Neck Blouse 117  02/2014 in a size 40.

My favorite part of this jacket are the back yoke and pleats but I want to adjust the sleeves If I make this again since they are just so voluminous.  This is a perfect Florida jacket as I rarely need anything heavier than this except maybe two weeks or so out of the year.  In these pictures I’m also wearing my favorite pants- my indigo dyed jeans.  IMG_7690 IMG_7685 Shell Wrap Shibori Jacket Burda 117 02/2014

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I have quite a few projects in my queue.  I’ve *almost* finished my dress for my grandmother’s funeral (sneak peek on my Facebook page) and decided to go ahead and make a matching jacket with the extra yardage.  I also just got in some new organic knits for some much-needed yoga pants for our morning walks to school.  Happy Sewing!IMG_7703 Shell Wrap Shibori Jacket Burda 117 02/2014

End of Summer Swimwear



End of Summer Swimwear, Sew Pomona

End of Summer Swimwear, Sew PomonaEnd of Summer Swimwear, Sew Pomona

I’ve been meaning to share these looks for a few weeks now but never managed to get any good pictures taken.  I love sewing swimwear but taking the photos is another story.  The beach has been so crowded lately and it makes me a little more self-conscious  posing.  Usually I set up my shots in relatively empty areas so I don’t feel silly moving around as my timer goes off .  Also the light can get too bright rather quickly so I need to be beachside early.  On the plus side my beach photos always turn out so well-lit and peaceful- a great backdrop!

I love this coordinating set!  I made the bikini, rashguard and dress out of the same fabulous UPF 50 material.  It’s just divine to work with.  Easy to sew and so super soft.  I’m thinking some yoga pants in the turquoise and in the grey version need to be made!  My oldest loves that I match him(he has a rashy in the blue) when we go to the beach. :)

Patterns Used:

Bikini- Deer and Doe Centauree Bodice + Ohhh Lulu  Ava High Waist Panties (altered to a lower rise plus added contrast sides)

Click to view my earlier makes, a Deer & Doe Centauree Ava one piece Swimsuit and Dress.

Centauree Dress

Rashguard- Lekala 4199 Shortened (Dress Pattern)

Lekala 4199


Dress- Lady Skater Swim Dress (blogged about here)

End of Summer Swimwear, Sew Pomona


SunGuard UPF 50 Fabric in Heather Royal and Turquoise from Rockywoods, plus a UPF 50 fabric in White.

End of Summer Swimwear, Sew Pomonaswimwear ldd4

End of Summer Swimwear, Sew Pomona

The bikini has an interior built in bra sandwiched in between the two layers.  I cut the pattern out twice and then assembled the suit.  I’m still working on getting the perfect fit and construction on my swimsuits but this one is pretty good.  The elastic on the bottom band needs to be redone but I ran out at the end.  Easy fix- I’m going to encase it in fabric before attaching to form more of a band- which should cure the slight bagging there.  The bottoms look fine but I’d feel more confident with a little more coverage in back.  The suit is quite supportive and holds up really well in the ocean, even with kids climbing all over me!

The rashguard is my fav so far.  I love the paneling!  This was a more difficult sew to get the angle at the bust perfect especially since the white material was a bit trickier to work with.  I had to carefully sew my pieces before serging them together.  I made a few changes to the original pattern.   I shortened it to a shirt and lengthened the sleeves as well as adding cuffs and a bottom band.

swimwear ldd1

End of Summer Swimwear, Sew Pomona

IMG_7580 IMG_7576 End of Summer Swimwear, Sew Pomona

I took these photos on Wednesday after putting up my last post and walking Nigel to school.  Ami and I spent a beautiful morning on Lowdermilk Beach, swimming, building sand castles and looking for cool seashells.  The water was perfect, cool and clear,  plus the tide was out so Ami could walk out quite far and play safely.  It’s a wonderful life here in Florida.

I’m so glad we had this wonderful and very happy morning as  later in the afternoon I heard the news that my grandmother (my mother’s mom) had passed away in the morning.  She was 90 years old, an amazing woman, who I really looked to as a role model.  She was both practical and creative, and her needlework was just fabulous!  A wonderful  mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  I lived around the corner from her for a few years in Marshfield, WI in my twenties and am so glad I had that time to get to know her as an adult. I’m also so happy she was able to meet my little family and I know she was proud of my new-found love of sewing.

End of Summer Swimwear, Sew PomonaIMG_7597 End of Summer Swimwear, Sew Pomona

On a happier note, I felt really inspired that same afternoon to cut out a new dress pattern from my Marcy Tilton blue and white floral stretch fabric that I had been so nervous to cut into, fearing I would waste this lovely fabric.  She would have thought that was just silly and told me to just get on with it.  I thought my grandmother would really appreciate the look I have in mind too.  It’s a 1948 Vintage reproduction.  I’m combining the bodice from V8687 and the skirt from V1137.  I’ll be wearing it to her remembrance ceremony next month in Minnesota.  Happy Sewing!

Avocado Dyed Marcy Tilton Pants



Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

These are my new favorite pants!  I love the wide leg silhouette that tapers with two lower leg pleats, the fitted and darted waist in front with an elastic band in back (so comfy!) and all the seaming details.  Plus giant pockets!  And the hemp is so light and soft after washing and drying looking much like linen.  I need these pants in every color!

I purchased this pattern during Vogue’s clearance sale a few weeks ago.  It was like christmas morning when all my patterns arrived!  I cut these in a size 12, my usual size for Vogue patterns,(though if I went by my measurements I’d be closer to a 16) and still think I could go down a size.

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

Pattern:  Marcy Tilton for Vogue Patterns V8499 View C (center in picture)

Fabric: Hemp Tencel Twill from Organic Cottons Plus

Natural Dye: Avocado peels and pits

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

The fabric itself is an undyed Hemp and Tencel Twill from Near Sea Naturals that I bought from Organic Cottons Plus.  So glad to have this fabulous source of fabric back to work with (they closed for a while during their move to New Mexico)and are finally back in production.  I really missed my fav source of Organic and Sustainable fabrics.  I haven’t done as much natural dyeing this summer as I was focused on swim clothes and quicker makes with both kids at home all day.  Now that it’s just Ami and me in the daytime I have so much more time to myself.  I forgot how wonderful nap time is!

I’ve been saving up avocado peels and pits in the freezer and wanted to give them a try.  I was hoping for a pink but I think you need an acid or a protein fiber to get that color.  I wasn’t thrilled with the color at first, a light yellow, and originally planned on over dyeing them.  After they were done though I was so happy I left them.  I really need more solids in my wardrobe.

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

I LOVE the creamy yellow which fits perfectly into my color palette-I’m working on INTO MIND’s Style Workbook and this was exactly the color I picked as my neutral.  It works so well with many pieces in my closet, fitted tops and tucked in tanks seem to work best for me with this silhouette.  Bonus- my husband thinks they’re fab too. I was pretty sure he’d hate the wide baggy look, but he was really impressed with the sewing on this pair.  He thought I went out and bought them!

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twillMarcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twillMarcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

I took these pictures yesterday morning.  We’re just back from our mini vacation for Labor day in Venice & Nokomis (FL).  We spent the weekend beachside, poolside and at the Jetty.  The kids love climbing the rocks there.  Plus Vic got in a full day of fishing while the kids and I went book shopping and to a lovely little french bakery in downtown.  I really needed this break after being homebound all week with a sick kiddo (Nigel had the Mumps).  His case was super mild and cleared up quickly after a trip to his chiro and some colloidal silver and Spice of Life EO but we were stuck at home while he was still contagious.

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twillMarcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

Today was Nigel’s first day back to school after a week’s absence.  The day started with tears (I think today was harder than the first day of school!) but ended in a really fun day for Nigel since it was his Music class day.  So nice to be back walking too.  I love our morning walks to school though the afternoons have been so hot lately.  Still better than waiting in the car pickup line though!

I’m hoping to get some more projects photographed this week (tons of swimwear & a new dyed top that everyone but me seems to hate!)  I also just finished up some pattern testing which was such fun and am working on a feature post- looking forward to sharing soon!


I  have a giant bowl of hibiscus flowers & some lovely hemp knit to dye this week too.  I collected the blooms at my mother’s yesterday morning before her bushes were cut back.  They were so lush- like walking in a rainforest.  Perfect timing for my dye pot!  The kids and I did some crayon rubbing with the leaves after school too- so much fun!



Back to School Sewing


Nigel just started kindergarten last week and I’ve been busily sewing for school as our summer slowly comes to an end. I’m finishing up two polo shirt’s using the perfect polo from Blank Slate patterns and finished this make, a new backpack,  just in time for school. I started on it during last month’s KCW but never got around to finishing it.

I went with a British/Nautical theme for Nigel’s new school backpack.  Nige is half British- daddy is originally from the UK but came to the US at 6yo, and is also a diver.  I LOVE these fabrics I found at Sew Modern.  The main body of the bag is made with the Union Jack fabric that comes as one large panel and I used the other two fabrics as my accents as well as some nice sturdy red and blue zippers and Nigel’s favorite skully buttons that I’ve been saving for a special project.

Back to school backpack-McCall's- M6410 and fabrics from Sew Modern

Back to school backpack-McCall's- M6410 and fabrics from Sew Modern


This backpack from McCall’s is a great little pattern, really easy to make and fully lined with lots of extra pockets.  I made View C plus added an interior pocket.  It’s meant as more of purse/backpack so it’s a bit smaller which is perfect for my little boy, not too large and unwieldy.  It’s a perfect size for holding his few school items and lunchbox and since we walk to school fits perfectly strapped to the back of my stroller.

Back to school backpack-McCall's- M6410 and fabrics from Sew Modern


Back to school backpack-McCall's- M6410 and fabrics from Sew Modern


Pattern:  Backpack, McCalls 6410, View C

IMG_7080 IMG_7074 IMG_7073 Back to school backpack-McCall's- M6410 and fabrics from Sew Modern

Fabrics below from Sew Modern:

Robert Kaufmann-Pure Organic Navy

Riley Blake Union Jack Panel

Cloud 9 Organics- Seven Seas- Flying Colors~ sold out


IMG_7096 Back to school backpack-McCall's- M6410 and fabrics from Sew Modern

It’s still super hot here so the kids don’t walk the whole way to Nigel’s school- it’s a little over a mile each way- so my double Phil & Ted’s stroller is just awesome.  We just got Nige a Freerider scooter that attaches on the back when not in use so he can ride to school but I can bring it home afterwards.  Ironically for this back to school post Nigel is home sick for the week, so I’m writing this during naps. Back with more next week, hoping for healthy kiddos and a nice Labor day weekend mini vacay up in Venice(FL)!

Back to school backpack-McCall's- M6410 and fabrics from Sew Modern


Comfort Dressing-Another Skater Dress


Just a quick post today since it’s Back to School week here and I’m just getting back into the swing of things.  My oldest started kindergarten yesterday- I was more nervous than he was!- so it’s been a busy start to the week. It was so stressful driving him the first day, as requested, with the long lines (waiting about 30 minutes or so each way!) I’m so glad we’re only about a mile to school- we can walk faster than that.  It took us 15 minutes this morning- plus it’s great exercise!  Unless the weather is just horrible we’re walking!

Comfort Dressing- Another Skater Dress


I have a long list of projects going for the next few weeks as we get back into a school schedule.  I made Nigel a new AWESOME backpack- pics soon- and I’m working on two polo shirts for him from Blank Slate Patterns, refashioned out of my husbands old one’s. I also just realized I need more comfy clothes to wear to walk him to school.  It’s still super hot here and I don’t want to wear workout clothes/yoga pants to pick him up.  it’s about a mile walk so I really want to be comfortable but still stylish. My goal is to make a few pairs of very comfy capri’s to wear using one of the new patterns I purchased from Vogue’s pattern sale- Marcy Tilton’s V8499.

Comfort Dressing- Another Skater DressComfort Dressing- Another Skater DressComfort Dressing- Another Skater Dress

In my new goal of comfortable dressing- here is one of my most recent makes another fabulous Lady Skater dress from Kitschy Coo!  I just love this pattern- I’ve made a few for me now and a ton for both kids as rashguards and the original dress.  You can see my earlier ikat dress here!  For this version I wanted the comfort of pj’s and the shape of one of my favorite RTW shirts with a high neck in front and low in back + 3/4 sleeves.  I altered the pattern slightly on the neckline plus added a bit to the length of the skirt so it hits my knees since I’m much more comfortable with that length especially playing with the kids.

Comfort Dressing- Another Skater Dress


I made this with my the same SunGuard UPF 50 knit fabric in Heather Royal that  I used for my son’s rashguard from Rockywoods Outdoor Fabric.  This fabric is just amazing.  So soft to the touch plus sun protection- you can’t beat that here in FL!  This dress is perfect- comfort + function and I can wear it to the beach or out and about and it can actually be worn front or backwards for a different look.

Comfort Dressing- Another Skater Dress

I just finished another swimsuit using the Centauree bodice from Deer and Doe in the same fabric + another rashguard using a Lekala dress pattern.  I’ll show it off next week!  Everything coordinates in the turquoise, royal blue and white-love it!  I was planning on taking pictures yesterday but decided I’d rather just relax and enjoy my special time with my daughter.  The best parts of being a Stay at Home Mom is that I get to spend all day with these cuties!  Yesterday my daughter and I enjoyed the day by going to Clam Pass Beach.  We walked the 1/2 mile shaded trail to the beach, played and then napped followed by lunch at the restaurant (The beach is adjacent to the Waldorf Astoria).  Then took the tram back- Ami’s fav!  Perfect day!

Comfort Dressing- Ami and I at the beach Centauree swim & Cosi swim