In Stitches

I’m loving the stitchwork on this Tee! Originally I planned to make this just a basic navy tee shirt.  Unfortunately, the yard I bought to try out wasn’t very evenly dyed and faded unevenly after washing.  My solution was to make the focus some Alabama Chanin style stitching, albeit made on my sewing machine. My main sewing machine is a Singer Stylist which has a ton of decorative stitches to play with.  I don’t use them often but it’s nice to have so many options. Construction: I used my Bodice Sloper again to draft this knit tee shirt with a nice scoop neck and cap

Sacre Bleu Knit Dress

*Sacré Bleu!  This simple little knit dress made using my Bodice Sloper is all about the color.  I’ve been wanting more clothing in this shade of aqua/teal for the longest time, like my  Georgina dress, and was psyched when I saw this Organic Knit from Michael Levine. I love how this color highlights my big blue eyes, which I’ve always thought are my best feature. I won a gift certificate awhile back from Lauren at Baste + Gather’s  Momiform Makeover giveaway and put it to good use!  I bought three organic knits (1 yard each) in Navy,  Teal and an Olive Green to try out.  I

Knit + Dye- Slow October’s Chuck Sweater

Here’s Chuck!  My slow, slow, Slow Fashion October knitting and natural dyeing project.  If you followed along last month you saw I chronicled my knitting progress each week but I really wanted to share a full post with all the details.  So here it is! *please note this post contains an affiliate link from which I receive a small portion of any sales referrals which helps to fund this blog. This is the Chuck Sweater by Andi Satterlund that I found on Ravelry.  I’m late to the game on this one.  I remember seeing a ton of these pop up

Halloween 2015!

We had an awesome Halloween last Saturday! It’s really one of my favorite holidays-I love any excuse to dress up!  We have a wonderful tradition of pumpkin carving followed by a wonderful dinner and then trick or treating with my sister’s family. Always so much fun.  The kids filled their baskets to the brim this year!  Luckily for me the Sugar Plum fairy came and the candy has now disappeared to Fairy land! It was a free for all of costumes this year for our fam. Nigel went as Smee from the new movie Pan-“He’s the smart one mom, who runs the whole ship!”  Ami

Known: Slow Fashion October

It’s the last week of Slow Fashion October and this weeks theme is Known.  Slow fashion to me is about designing and crafting a better life for myself and my family. It’s about creating thoughtfully and carefully. Quality over Quantity. Sourcing has always been the biggest challenge in my home sewing.  How to satisfy my craving to make all the clothes without hurting the environment. Week 5, October 26-31: KNOWN favorite sustainable resources / “local” / traceable fabric and yarn origins / traceable garment origins / reference books, films, videos My Eco sewing tips: use organic and sustainable fabrics and notions- my favorites are Hemp, Flax/Linen,

KCW + Halloween Sewing Plans

I wanted to add in an extra post today since its KCW!  I always love participating in Kids Clothes Week, especially since I really only sew for the kids a few times a year.  The theme for this week is Disguise-just in time for Halloween! My son was off school for the last two days so I’m holding off my KCW sewing until he heads back today.  We had a blast out together on Monday.  We hit two playgrounds, went out to lunch and then walked around Bass Pro (the kids fav!).  It’s really lovely being out with both kids now that

Hemp Silk Swing Tank + Slow Fashion October:Worn

I  just made a beautiful self drafted swing tank out of my dyed and undyed hemp silk remnants. Lots of sewing and knitting going on here! The top uses all my leftover hemp silk remnants sewn together on the bias (I had triangular shaped pieces to work with).  I then drafted this tank with my bodice sloper using this Chris White You Tube tutorial for the swing shape.  All the edges are bound with bias binding.  I like the bit of weight it gave to the hem and I folded the bias up on the neckline for a double edge which I think is so pretty. 

Loved: Slow Fashion October

It’s been such a nice breather working on my hand-dyed knitted sweater for Slow Fashion October. Working on all the patterns cables takes a bit of concentration but it’s so relaxing.  Almost meditative. My brother just took up knitting too, so I’ve been helping him out a bit via Skype. He just made an awesome shark scarf for one of his nephews and is making my kids fish scarves for Christmas too!  They’re psyched! I love to knit.  I taught myself in my late 20’s, way before I learned to sew,  but haven’t done much in ages.  Mainly because the weather here in Florida is just not conducive to knitwear. All my