Spring Sewing Plans 2015

Spring Sewing Plans 2015

I think I love planning out my looks just as much as the actual sewing and dyeing.  Read on for my sewing plans for  the rest of winter to Spring!

Color mood board Sew Pomona
My color Moodboard

For the past few month’s I’ve been working my way slowly through Into Mind’s Workbook, love her site!  Below is my color palette for the year.  I’m not bothering to make as much seasonally anymore.   During SW Florida winters the coldest it gets is in the high 40’sF(8C) in the a.m., so it’s just a matter of layering.  I’ve worn a sport jacket maybe 3 days out of the year so far.  Plus the cold weather is so infrequent, a week of cold and then it’s back in the 80’sF(27C).  The only time my wardrobe really changes is in summer, when I just wear less altogether and am at the beach more often than not. So from now on I’ll be sewing just 2 seasons, Spring/Summer + Fall.   You can see my earlier Into Mind, Wardrobe Revamp Pinterest board here.


 My Color Palette
(made using Into Mind’s Workbook!) 


Sewing plans, Sew Pomona

View my ideas on fabric choices, color palette, silhouette’s, techniques and sewing patterns I’m planning on incorporating into my wardrobe this year:


I was originally  thinking of entering this year’s SWAP, but I’m not sure now if I will.  I really don’t want to deal with sewing contests and imposed deadlines this year.  But I loved the silhouette planning this led me to focus on.  One of my goals for the New Year is to make full head to toe looks that all coordinate.  I hate having lovely makes in my closet that I have only one or no options to wear with.

On that note, I’m joining up again with Wardrobe Architect again this year to plan out my Sewing.  January is for finding your style and picking out your preferred silhouette’s, which I’ve already done and have been tweaking as I go, but you can see my WA boards on Pinterest here, and here.


I used my handy dandy The Fashion Sketchpad to sketch these out quickly.  Right now I’m working on finishing my first main look, the jacket and jeans, before it gets too hot to wear them.  The jacket, V8621 Claire Schaeffer, was started last year around this time and quickly became a UFO.  Mainly because it’s almost all hand sewn using couture techniques which is so time-consuming.   Plus I had gained a little weight which I’m slowly losing now with my daily 4+ mile walks back and forth to Nigel’s school.

I just started on the jeans using my altered pattern from my last pair of Vogue Jeans, V8874.  I found a lovely organic denim with a bit of stretch on Etsy at Werkundstoff.   The back of the jeans are sewn, my coral topstitching looks great and the hand embroidered pockets look fab!  I just can’t resist putting embroidery on pockets!  I was inspired by William Morris and his pomegranate designs.  My blog is named after Pomona, the goddess of fruitful abundance, so I though it was fitting to make my embroidery compliment that.   I used the same imagery to design my logo(check it out at the top of my page!)  The embroidery was a perfect project for the past week with both kids home.  I can easily bring it with me to the park and outings and could do a bit while watching tv in the evenings.

Back view of jeans, hand embroidered pockets, Sew Pomona
Flat back view of jeans (unfinished) with hand embroidered pockets.



My Preliminary Silhouette Sketches: 

Sewing plans, Sew Pomona


The first two tops in the image below are done too.   I’ll be posting them next week. The Francoise Top/Sweater Knit and the Bronte Long Sleeve in Grey.

Sewing plans, Sew Pomona

These (below) are my two workout/walking looks and the Holly jumpsuit that I have been wanting to make for ages!  I’m envisioning it in a crisp white linen for Spring.

Sewing plans, Sew Pomona

One of my goals this year  is to work with patterns I already own/or have made before.  Only one new sewing pattern in this lineup.  Also I’m really going to try to stick to using up my  refashion stash (all my old RTW clothes + some stuff from my mom) and then try to use recycled textiles and only buy organic and sustainable fabrics.  I don’t actually have a fabric stash, I usually buy as I go.

I also want to start drafting my own patterns more this year as I plan for starting my business next year.  I’m working with the book Patternmaking: Portfolio Skills by Dennic Chunman Lo as well as a Craftsy Course, Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper with Suzy Furrer.

I’ve just signed up again for another fast from purchasing clothing with Goodbye Valentino’s RTW Fast!  I loved participating last year as it really helped me focus on my sewing.  If I wanted something to wear I needed to make it.  Great Motivation!  And this month I’ll be following along with Cloth Habit’s  Watson Bra Sew-along.  I bought all my notions before Christmas and am psyched to make some more lingerie.

2015 Goodbye Valentino RTW Fast


I’m also hoping to participate in this is moonlight’s One Year, One Outfit challenge to sew a complete sustainable outfit.   Here are Nicki’s ground rules: all fibers farmed and processed locally (she’s using a 300 mile radius, I may need to go farther?), all fibers must be natural, use natural non toxic dyes, & all fabric and clothing made must be of quality construction.  Unfortunately I’m not located near any Fibershed’s :( , and the nearest organic fabric I’ve sourced in the past was from North Carolina and Texas. More research needed!    The dyeing part will be much easier as I’ve had great success in the past with vegetable and local plant dyes.

One Year One Outfit



Here are links to all the completed looks from this season:



Happy Sewing!