Silhouettes & My Uniform- Wardrobe Architect

Silhouettes & My Uniform- Wardrobe Architect

My Silhouettes

It’s Week 4 of the Wardrobe Architect over at the Coletterie and this weeks post focuses on identifying our key silhouettes and proportions. This was a great exercise to determine the looks I prefer and start to solidify the style I want to build into my wardrobe.  I’m hoping to build an easy to wear uniform (check out Into-Mind for more on this) so I can easily mix and match my pieces.  Last weeks worksheet had us list the proportions and shapes  we prefer to wear and mine was mostly  fitted clothing with a natural waistline.   I really hate to wear drop waist and empire waisted clothing, it looks alright but makes me feel frumpy.  My clothing is not very seasonal since I live in Florida and I tend to just layer a bit in winter (it rarely goes below 50) and just wear less in summer when I’m at the beach almost every day.

Here are my key Silhouettes  (you can also view my sets/board on Polyvore & Pinterest– I’m a bit addicted to these sites :) )

Look 1 Linen Trousers: Linen Pants+ Sleeveless Tank + Sandals

Silhouette 1

Look 2 Long Skirt:  Skirt + Cropped or Tucked Blouse + Flats

Silhouette 2

Look 3 Fitted Dress:  Natural Waist Short Dress + Skinny Belt + Low Heels

Silhouette 3

Look 4 Jeans:   Jeans + Button Down + Pullover+ Sneakers/Moccasins (Winter)

                           Jeans + Light Tee/Tank + Flats/Sandals (Spring/Summer)

Silhouette 4

Look 5 Shorts:   Shorts + Print Shirt/ Blouse + Flats

Silhouette 5

Look 6 Swim:  Swimsuit+ Rashguard + Board Shorts/ Skirt + Sport Sandals

Silhouette 6

Look 7 Fitness:  Sports Bra + Tank/Tee + Yoga Pants + Sneakers

Silhouette 7

I think these looks are going to be so helpful as I plan out my sewing! Do you have a uniform you consistently wear?  Or maybe a shape that always looks good on you?   I’m really hoping this will make getting dressed in the morning more intuitive & less stressful.  Some mornings I know I try on multiple outfits and just don’t feel good in any of them.  I’d love to see everyone’s posts/ boards for this exercise so feel free to leave a link in the comments.   Hope you enjoy your weekend!