Wardrobe Architect- Personal Style

Wardrobe Architect

I recently signed on with Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect series hoping to focus my ideas and plan out my wardrobe to make it more functional.  This week’s worksheet,  you can find it  here,  focused on defining our personal style and delves into 5 different areas of what makes us different.   The topic that  interested me most was personal history.


My style has shifted quite a bit over the years.  I grew up the oldest child in a middle class northern New Jersey suburb with my mom, a bit of a hippy and my conservative engineer father and my younger sister and brother.  My mother sewed most of our clothing when we were little before she went back to work teaching English when I was in grade school.   My early style consisted of lots of florals, Laura Ashley dresses and big 80’s sweaters and stirrup pants.  I was one of the few to chop off my hair, it was down to my butt at that point, to a really short asymmetrical cut.  

Next up my all girl’s private catholic high school uniform of plaid kilts, white button downs, and blue wool sweaters worn with tights or knee-high socks in the winter and light blue  polo’s and seersucker knee-length skirts  in the spring ( I still have a soft spot for anything seersucker!)  I was a shy quiet girl, my favorite studies were history, a bit of an anglophile, and painting.  My style was still pretty conservative with a tiny bit of artistic flair.  I remember fondly a polka dot halter peplum top and a sheer brown silk wide leg jumpsuit. 

 I rebelled a bit in college and really discovered my fashion sense.  I went to Hartford Art School in CT, my first time away from home, and originally majored in Graphic Design, my practical side.  I soon switched majors finally settling on Printmaking, taking art history, painting and costume design courses as well.   My style consisted of a mix of retro, 40’s- 60’s,  and thrift store clothes and big low pants and colorful tops from my raver days.  My hair was shaved, chopped and dyed every color of the rainbow with manic panic!  I spent a semester abroad studying art in Cortona, Italy that was amazing.  In my 20’s I lived in NJ and NYC and my style slowly changed with long plaid skirts, chartreuse jackets and more artistic, but a bit less wild, city dressing.


After moving to Florida in my 30’s my wardrobe switched drastically as the weather demanded and my clothing switched from basic blacks to whites.  I had to learn a new way to dress since what worked up north just didn’t work in sunny casual Florida.  Marriage and motherhood brought more changes, especially having to dress my pregnant body and trying to find clothing to accommodate extended breastfeeding and my active  babywearing lifestyle :)  Right now I’m trying to reinvent my style again to something a bit more fashion forward and a bit less mom with some of the creativity I’ve been missing lately.

Such fun doing this little blast from the past!  Enjoy your weekend!