I believe that fashion should be sustainable, and my goal is to inspire others to create beautiful, ethical, and eco-friendly garments that they will cherish for years to come. Here you’ll find everything you need to create your own handmade wardrobe.

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Florida Sewing & Lifestyle Blog

I hope that Sew Pomona inspires you to embrace your creativity, make your own clothes, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m Rebecca, an artist, designer, and seamstress based in sunny SE Florida. Join me as we explore the world of handmade fashion, where we’ll review patterns, share tips and techniques, and inspire each other to create beautiful, ethical, and sustainable garments.

Hello & Welcome to Sew Pomona

Florida Sewing & Lifestyle Blog

See what’s new on Sew Pomona, my Florida Sewing and Lifestyle blog. This is where I share my love for sewing, travel, embroidery, gardening, natural dyeing, and everything in between.

Crafting a Handmade Wardrobe

Crafting a handmade wardrobe centered around capsule wardrobes is a rewarding and sustainable way to embrace personal style and creativity. Let’s curate a closet that transcends trends, ensures longevity,and is focused on quality over quantity.

Fashion Embroidery for the Home Sewist

Elevate your home sewing practice and get inspired to transform your wardrobe with a few basic stitches and some inspiration.

Sustainable Sewing & Natural Dyes

Inspiring makers to create handmade, eco-friendly & beautifully constructed fashion garments that will last for years. 

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“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  William Morris, The Beauty of Life 1880

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