#2017MakeNine + Top 5 Reflections/Goals

Happy New Year Everyone!  I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the winter break with the kiddos and the long weekend with my husband. The weather has been beautiful so we spent quite a few days beachside-perfect way to start out the year! Here’s my last TOP 5: My Reflections + Goals plus my #2017MakeNine!


  1. It’s been a busy year! I made 31 pieces for me plus countless more for the kids!
  2. Moving is not conductive to getting anything done! I really missed using natural dyes and being able to get messy!
  3. My closet is almost full!  I really need very few pieces now.  If I hadn’t gone back to work I doubt I would need any at all.
  4. This year was full of so many changes: We moved, the kids are both in school and I’m back to work.  Looking forward to a more relaxed pace this year. Fingers crossed!
  5. My style changed drastically as I entered this new phase.  My wardrobe has changed considerably and is still a bit disordered.  Hoping for clearer vision in the new year.


  1. My goal for this year is to live a beautiful life. I want to enjoy my time with the kids and husband and surround myself with beauty.
  2. I want to make fewer pieces and instead focus on the details.
  3. I’m still unsure what I want to do with my life at this point..so clarity would be wonderful!
  4. Find something fulfilling career wise until I can start my own business.  As much as I’d love to start now the logistics of a small apartment, renting and financial constraints makes it less than ideal.  I really need to focus on saving for a house and having a nest egg to start out.
  5. I’ve been feeling less inspired by blogging lately. It’s always so time consuming even writing a simple post when I’d rather be sewing. I do love sharing what I make though. I’m going to try for bi-weekly posts for a bit.


I have a few pieces I really need to fill out my wardrobe so I’m going to participate in Rochelle’s 2017 Make Nine!  Here’s mine:


  1. Marilyn Dress, Style Arc
  2. Anne Klein Vogue V1509 Tunic + Pants
  3. Vogue Basic Design Jacket V7975
  4. Koos Van Den Akker V1493
  5. Morgan Jeans, Closet Case Files (just bought my hardware!)
  6. Vogue Shorts V9008 (to buy)
  7. Carolyn PJ’s (make a second set for cooler weather)
  8. Ogden Cami, True Bias (to buy)
  9. Kelly Anourak, Closet Case Files (I made a tester version so on to the real thing!)

I tried to keep this simple with things I really need and know I’ll actually make!  It’s a mix of season’s to take me through the year.  Some for work(like the Marilyn dress, white jeans, Anne Klein tunic in silk with crepe pants and a Chanel style jacket), some practical( new pj’s, a (FL)winter jacket, a basic cami and shorts) and one just for fun(the Koos jacket!) I’ve noticed I don’t enjoy sewing knits as much as wovens so I’ve been buying lovely knit tops from work and spending my time sewing what’s fun!

You can see more on my Instagram page! I’m sharing on there more regularly than other social media lately!  Happy Sewing!

6 thoughts on “#2017MakeNine + Top 5 Reflections/Goals”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the Koos Van Den Akker jacket on you – I think it will suit you down to the ground! All the best for 2017!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I’ve been wanting to make that jacket for ages! Hope you have a wonderful 2017!

  2. What a lovely makenine! I love the look of that vogue jacket. I enjoyed reading your reflections too, the end of your first reflection sounds like something William Morris would say – i just noticed the quote you have by him on your welcome page – I live near his family home (now a museum) in london, and regularly pop in for a dose of inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much Kathryn! I’m a big fan of William Morris and the Pre-Raphaelites! How awesome that you can pop in to his home for some inspiration!

  3. Lovely choices! I always want to join in these types of challenges but I can’t plan that far ahead. It makes me anxious somehow.

    I’ve taken a turn towards more enjoyable sewing as well. Endless leggings for the girls is boring and I’ve yet to find fabric that holds up as well as the RTW ones I’ve bought. And I’ve given up on trying to sew my whole wardrobe.

    And I hear you on the blogging! I still want to share but I’m not enjoying the self portrait portion of it. And all time spent with that (photos, editing, etc.) is time away from something more fun…

    1. Thanks! This Challenge was a bit easier since I already was planning on making more that had of them this year anyway.
      I have the same issues with knits. The ones I’ve used so far don’t hold up well more than a year.
      Blogging is so time consuming. I’m hoping scaling back a bit will help.

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