2017 Year in Review

Once again this year has just flown by!  It’s our second year living in Plantation and I feel like we’ve finally settled in. I’ve definitely slowed down my sewing- and blogging -this year. There just never seems to be enough time.  I’ve tried to focus 2017 on slowing down and making more well made pieces.  Though as you can see below I’ve still made quite a bit!

Some of my 2017 Favorites:

1.Zinnia Hemp/Cotton Wrap Dress, 2. Peachy Keen Linen Knit Tank, 3. Ocean Odgen Tank, 4. Bare Necessities Carolyn Pajamas , 5. Bare Necessities Backpack, 6. Colorblocked Crepe Kimono Jacket, 7. Silk Zandra Rhodes Tiered Jacket, 8. Hemp Wool Tweed Wrap Skirt V9209, 9. Charlie Caftan

I’ve worn all of these pieces on a regular basis with the exception of the tweed wrap skirt which I can only break out when it’s colder. Summer makes are the most worn here in Florida. Anything I can throw on over a swimsuit is worn to death. Probably why I’ve got two Charlie caftan’s and a full drawer of swimwear.  The Zinnia dress above has also been altered to a simple cap sleeve to make it more wearable. Best part about making my clothes is I can still alter everything that isn’t working. I feel like I’m finally figuring out my style and what works for me.

I do have to keep telling myself to simplify.  Jackets are about as bold as I go fabric wise in my wardrobe since they can be easily dressed down. I have a very casual lifestyle and need to dress for the life I have now. As much as I love a crazy print and lovely dress I’m trying to make my closet more wearable.  That means a limited color palette (as you can see blue and coral are my favorites!) and simple mix and match silhouettes.


Kids Makes:

My other fav makes this year are the things I made for the kiddos!  Lots of Disneybound looks for our trip to Disney in April, school day dress up looks, Halloween costumes and of course swim wear!  I don’t make all my children’s clothing.  They have a ton of hand me downs and Ami has a very distinct style so I always enjoy working on the few fun pieces I whip up for them.

We’ve had such a wonderful year as a family.  We just love the school the kids attend.  Their teachers are wonderful, they’re making great friends and learning so much! Plus its walking distance from our rental.  We’re still close to the beach so most weekends are spent by the ocean or poolside.  I finally feel like we’re setting down roots and making friends.  Vic started a new job this fall and is really enjoying the new challenges. Fingers crossed that we find a new home to make our stay permanent in the coming year! We just had an amazing Christmas at home with visits from my parents and my brother and now we’re over at my parent-in-law’s to ring in the New Year!

Family Fun:

It’s been such a wonderful year! Wishing everyone a fabulous 2018! Happy Sewing!

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  1. What a prolific year! Some really beautiful makes- I especially like your patterned jackets and the kids costumes. Im sure the kids love wearing them too!

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