2018, Year in Review

This past year has been so busy! So many big changes. New job, new home, new school for the kids and a new doggo!

My blogging time has been much more limited as a result, but I still made well over 30 pieces (maybe 20 or so blogged). The last few months I’ve intentionally tried to slow down my blogging/social media and focus on being a bit more present with my family. Especially over the holidays. Now that I’m working so much more my time is a bit more precious and I’d rather be creating then writing.

On that note I’ve been trying to put more thought into what I am making. I have a relatively large wardrobe at this point so I’m working to phase out what doesn’t work for me anymore and make long lasting quality pieces. I’ve also been making more test versions of patterns as refashions this year to check fit before making final versions in more expensive fabrics.

2018 Makes:

This year has been just wonderful! We started the year with a visit to Miami to the Frost Science Museum and some awesome beach days. In the Spring we celebrated Ami’s 7th birthday at American Girl with my mom and niece and took an amazing trip to Universal Studios with my extended family. Summer was an adventure with the kids exploring our new town. In the fall we celebrated Nigel’s 1oth birthday and then had Harry Potter themed Halloween fun with our friends!

We bought our first home together in April! My husband bought our place in Naples before we met and after moving to the other coast we rented for two years while looking for a home. The market here is so crazy-no inventory and so expensive- that it took us over a year to find a place. We went with a fixer-upper townhome with a cute gated porch. We just love our new home in Davie! It’s so nice to have someplace of our own again and be able to decorate. As a former visual merchandisor I really missed that. We have a ton of decorating and home improvement plans and have already made some great progress. I can’t wait to start on my next project a tropical landscape mural up the staircase hallway!

We also got a dog this year! In July we adopted our little Suki- a chiweenie mix rescued from Puerto Rico. She’s a bit crazy-barks at everyone and everything and guards me constantly- but she’s a real sweetie. Perfect addition to our family.

The kids started at their new school this fall and are thriving! Finding a home in a good school district was a real challenge but the kids adapted with ease. They are in 4th and 2nd grades now and life is good!

I also left my retail job and resigned my sewing gig in the spring to start a new job as a photo retoucher for my sister’s photography business. It’s so wonderful being able to work part time from home. The kids get out of school at 2 and have so many days off that it was such a hassle finding a job to work around that schedule. Working remotely has made life so much easier! Plus the work is really fun!

We ended out the year with friends and family and some fun beach days!

My fam: My sis with her husband and kids on the left, my parents center, My husband Vic and kiddos, Nigel + Amelie, bottom right and our new doggo Suki.

My sewing time has been a bit more limited this year with all these changes but I’ve had just enough time to make some fab pieces. I do love reading Top 5 posts so I’m happy to share Top Five Hits for 2018! I love Gillian over at Crafting a Rainbow’s annual blog series. It’s always such fun to catch up and see what everyone is making.

My fav makes this year have much simpler colors and silhouettes with just a feature detail or two to make them pop. Lots of linen + buttons! This year I made quite a few pieces with some lovely buttons.

Top 5 Makes:

I just love these pants. The fit is great and they are so versatile. I wear these two pretty constantly now that the weather has cooled.

I just love this color-plus buttons! Perfect Florida dress.

  • Slope Knit Tank Shibui- Apple

more green! I love how light and airy this tank is. The high low hem is really cute and this was so relaxing to knit up.

I immediately fell in love with this wave print. So Florida! My go to summer skirt.

No real big misses this year. Though I did knit a tank with a silk bottom panel that I accidentally threw in the wash and felted. That had to be ripped out and now it is a very simple knit tank-but still wearable.

I also have a few more holiday makes to end out the year that I’ll share soon! Plus my sewing plans for the coming year with my 2019 Make Nine! Happy Sewing!

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