2019 Top 5 Hits, Misses + Goals

The year has almost slipped by, I’m getting this post in right before we ring in the New Year! Spending the last few minutes before we head over to my mom’s to celebrate! I always have big plans for year end posts but then end up so busy around the holidays that it always feels rushed. One of the reasons my goal for 2020 is to slow down. I want to take time to enjoy what I’m making and craft pieces that will last.

I’m going to share my hits, misses and goals for the year. I love Gillian’s Top 5 posts and have participated for 6 years now- since way back in 2013! Follow the Sewcialists to see everyone’s #SewingTop5. This year will be a condensed version for me. So here we go….

Sewing Top 5 of 2019

Top 5+ Hits!

Vintage Issey Miyake Skirt V2332, Cropped Lightwash Japanese Selvedge Denim, All the Slopers, Fiona Cropped Top, Navy Ponte Sweater Dress, Red and White Stripe Holly Pant.

Choosing just 5 was too hard! I made some great pieces this year and they’re all been worn a ton. Lots of cozy and comfy makes this year. The Issey Miyake Skirt is my favorite though-the shape is so cool and chic. The Navy Sweater Dress is so cozy for winter and I can just throw it on in the morning. The red and white pants and the Fiona Bodice were my very favorite vacation makes for our trip up to Hobe Sound last spring. I think the best makes remind you of the past. Whenever I put those on I remember those beautiful beach days with our family! My biggest project of the year was remaking ALL the slopers. It took a good month but I’m so glad I took the time to do them well. It’s going to make sewing this season so easy.

I also just love the pieces I made for Ami this year! This little Aquarelle Floral Simplicity Dress 8567 and the little matching vest for her doggo Suki (aka Sukeson Richard the 3rd, Sukilicious, and BG- baby girl). I have plans for spring of some matching rompers for the both of us with shorts to match for the boys. She requested the romper for her spring pictures. The one I made her last year was a huge hit but she’s sadly outgrown it already. I also made Ami an adorable space cats Mini Cottesloe Bikini as a tester for Megan Nielson and have plans in the works for a new version next spring.

Top 5 Misses:

I haven’t had too many misses this year, though I’ll be altering a few makes and fixing them. My cropped Denim was a hit and a miss this year- mainly because the zipper I bought busted after a week of wear. I should have known not to use the cheap one I had on hand and invested in a nicer one. But it will be fixed (I’ve already unstitched it) but it’s a reminder to myself to not rush my work. Another Fail was my Ute Skirt. It’s just a bit too small. The coverage on the front panel is just not quite enough. The side seams are correct so the wrap is just not wide enough. Of course I’ve lost weight so it may fit again. I also made the cutest little shift dress in an avocado dyed cotton which I love….but the all in one cap sleeve was too shallow and tore at the armpit. That one is going to take some thought to repair. Once I fix it will be awesome. So all fixable fails. Nothing this year that can’t be salvaged.

Goals (life + sewing):

  • slow down
  • sew mindfully and thoughtfully
  • meditate and continue yoga journey
  • redesign and plant dye garden
  • Get back to my printmaking and natural dyeing

My goal for the new year is to slow down and mindfully create. I want to focus on long lasting makes that are sewn with care. I’m going to try and skip all the challenges and contests this year and just focus on what I want to make. I took on a bit much this year and need to scale back and focus on what’s important to me.

Day 12 Mother’s Day!

I’ve just started a yoga journey that has really helped me stay calm, centered and relaxed. I setup a little meditation area in our upstairs hallway and hope to start a daily meditation and yoga practice from home. I’m exploring Ayuveda and hoping to amp up my health as I’m entering perimenopause. I’m hopping on board Yoga with Adrienne’s HOME practice to start out the new year. I’ve been using her youtube video’s for almost 2 months now and fell amazing.

I also want to expand my work with natural dyes. I’m in the process of creating a dye garden and really want to hone my skills. I also want to bring my printmaking skills into my sewing. I trained as a printmaker in Art School but haven’t done much with it in the past few years. Looking through my college work as I framed some prints recently really made me want to get back into that practice.

I made the cutest Christmas makes this year too…hopefully I’ll get some pics taken soon to share! Wishing you all a joyous and amazing New Year! Happy Sewing!

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  1. I had the same issue with the Utu pinafore! side seams were fine but I had to add to center front to get enough wrap coverage in front. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in creating.

    1. I’m so glad to hear someone else had thd same issue and it’s not just me! I love the skirt so I’ll have to fix that on the next one. Thanks!

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