2023 Sewing Year in Review

Christmas cards are arriving and it’s that time of year when I love to look back and reflect on everything our family did and what I made! 2023 was a busy year that just flew by. I thought I’d share my family card I’m sending out this year- plus everything I’ve made in 2023! It’s been a busy -but wonderful- year.

Family Holiday greeting card Sew Pomona
Holiday Greeting Card Family pictures

A look back at 2023…..

  • I started off the New Year with a new job, doing SEO for Liftoff Leads, plus my new YouTube channel sharing my sewing and travel adventures.
  • February is our Birthday month- Vic and I always enjoy celebrating together! I turned 47 and Vic turned 51.
  • In March we thoroughly enjoyed the Florida Renaissance Festival. Great food, fun rides, and Ami and I got our hair braided and we all got fun henna tattoos.
  • Over Spring break the kids and I traveled to the other coast (of Florida) to see the Naples Botanical Garden Frida Kahlo exhibit with their grandparents.
  • Amazing Cocoa Beach family reunion Vacay in April!
  • April was my daughter’s 12th Birthday – she’s in 7th Grade. Plus, she won a FSPA Journalism award this year for her classroom narrative story!
  • Perfect Mother’s Day spent at the beach! I even got the kids to pose for this pic! Plus the day before was our 17th Wedding Anniversary! Best weekend ever!
  • My husband Vic celebrated Father’s Day in style, grilling and having a cigar!
  • I took a whirlwind girl’s trip with Megan and Missy in August to NYC, Palm Springs and LA for Meg’s photography business workshop.
  • My daughter went to Disney this summer with her best friends.
  • My son got his diving certificate! Now the boys can dive together… looking forward to more lobster feasts!
  • In October we celebrated Nigel’s 15th Birthday (he’s a freshman in HS taking college and AP courses and in JROTC) and a 5K walk. Ami was our last trick or treater this year as Alvin & Chipmunks.
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving with our family in Bradenton – good food and wonderful memories!

What I Made this Year:

My wardrobe is at a fabulous point now! And it only took a decade of sewing! LOL! But really, I do feel like the last few years as my knowledge of fabric and technical skill level has increased my sewing has gotten quite successful. Getting dressed in the morning is finally fun and easy! I love the pieces I added to my wardrobe this year. After my winter sewing is done, I should have an amazing- and cohesive– closet. I love looking back through these pics to remember everything I created- plus watch as my hair changes from month to month. Here’s what I made this year.

Classic Shirt Liesel & Co Mood Stratton Red Orange Twill Pant main

Coming soon to the blog………..

Rebecca at Sew Pomona wearing her Italian unfurled lightweight viscose Emma One Sock Holiday Dressing style
Yoyo Knit Skirt Sweater Top Style Arc Bamboo Fleece Hot Chocolate Sew Pomona 6

I hope you’re having a wonderful Holiday season and enjoying family and friends plus some lovely sewing time! My holiday sewing is almost complete and everything is checked off my gift list. Looking forward to a relaxed Christmas at home with my husband, kids, and our little doggo Suki. My parents are coming to visit us for Christmas and then my husband’s parents will visit us for NYE. Looking forward to a joy-filled New Year!

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  1. Wonderful year wrap up! What a year! And 2 outfits I haven’t seen yet— border print pjs and the divine Beach jumpsuit! Merry Christmas! Can’t wait to see what lies ahead !

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