3 Sewing Patterns in 3 Months!

This morning was our Sunday ritual of yummy breakfast (homemade waffles & smoothies) followed by a visit to my husband’s folks.  I think we’re one of the rare lucky couples who love each other’s parents and really all get along. Our parents live only a few minutes from each other and get along fabulously too!  It’s so nice, especially with kids, to have so much family here.  Both grandparents and my sister and her family too, the cousins love playing together every Saturday.  Amazing really since we’re all Florida transplants!

After that we headed over to Joann’s since I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket!  I went in with a plan, which is a first, and had the patterns I want to work with first picked out.  I picked two vogue patterns, The new Donna Karan bias dress V1384 that I saw in Vogue Patterns magazine and love and Claire Shaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection Fitted Jacket V8621 which I’ve been eyeing for a while.  I already have the Basics with Claire Shaeffer DVD which is a wonderful, easy to learn couture sewing techniques so I wanted to give one of her patterns a try.

Here’s my plan of attack for the next 3 months:

  • January: The Claire Schaeffer Fitted Jacket V8621- definitely making a muslin for this so it’s perfectly fitted-so excited!  Not sure what I’ll make the jacket out of yet but planning on hand dyeing it.
  • February:   Jeans and take the Sewing Designer Jeans Class with Angela Wolf over at Craftsy.  February is my birthday- groundhog’s day -so this will be my treat to myself.
  • March:  Donna Karan Bias Dress V1384- I’m thinking of shortening the dress to tunic length to make it more practical for me and maybe making it in peace silk.
Hoping to really improve my skills in the coming months sewing patterns

That’s as far ahead as I’m ready to focus on for now.  Hoping to really improve my skills in the coming months! Do you have a plan in place for sewing this year? I know I want to tackle a bunch of new projects: swimwear, lingerie, working with knits (I’m hoping for a serger for my birthday!)  We have such a short period of cool weather here in SWFL , yesterday was 55 but today it’s back in the 80’s, that I need to take advantage of before its back to being a beach bum :)

2 thoughts on “3 Sewing Patterns in 3 Months!”

  1. I love the patterns that you have picked out. Changing the dress to a tunic makes a lot of sense. Finally I’ll know someone who knows how to fit jeans–I always thought it was an art. Just don’t gain a pound after all these fitted clothes. Great choices all around!

    1. Thanks Mom! I do love the dress, especially in the fabric shown in the image, but as a dress too impractical, a tunic should work though. I just bought the jeans class, I had a coupon from Threads in my email this morning, so perfect timing!

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