Me Made May 2020 Wrap Up

Me Made May is a wrap! I’m so glad daily photos are done! I always get a bit annoyed taking pictures around mid-month. Documenting is a hassle but it is so useful it having a record of how I’ve worn my makes. I really need to do this a few times a year to record my fall/winter makes and full summer. It always gives me such great ideas for mixing my pieces and easily shows where the holes are in my wardrobe. Here’s what I wore all month long:

Me Made May 2020

I noticed mid month that I was at the point where I’d worn most of my spring clothing. Most years I have a few dressed up days or show off all my swimwear and beach coverups. This year with the pool closed and beaches just starting to reopen that part of my wardrobe hasn’t been worn like it usually would. I’ve dressed up a few days but with nowhere to go those looks are worn briefly before switching to something a bit more practical. This season I repeated bottoms a few times each but had no repeated outfits.

I have noticed a few holes in my wardrobe. Mainly tanks/tees and I could use a slim pant to wear with my more voluminous tops and another lightweight bottom. My jeans and heavier weight pants have been put away for the rest of the season and I really only have 3 pants/shorts that are wearable. Many of my older makes have worn out or just aren’t my style anymore. I plan to refashion what I can and save the really nice pieces for my daughter when she’s older. I still have a few of my mom’s clothes she made in the 70’s and wish I had more. I really should take some pics of her makes to share. I have the cutest little halter romper in a ditzy floral that is just fantastic.

I left off with Days 1-11 in my last post so here’s the rest of the month:

Day 12

Blue Spruce Lina Knitted Tank + White Holly Pants


Lucky Day 13

Our 14th Wedding Anniversary! Wearing my Surplice Stripe Dress.

Day 14

Shape Shape Wrap Skirt (posts on the original + dyed) with a Refashioned tee and handmade sports bra (and leggings-unblogged)

Day 15

Ikat Dress and Leggings


Day 16

Flamingo PJ’s ( I recut these recently and made the top short sleeve and fixed the waistband)

Day 17

Vogue 9312 Dress (brand new make-blog post coming soon!)

Day 18

Jalie 3131 Tank and Wave Print Skirt (unblogged- post coming soon)


Day 19

Lekala 5899 Peachy Keen Top and Voile Culottes (original pant post here)


Day 20

Mrs. Depew #3104 Vintage Gauze Blouse (Wearable Muslin) and My Denim Culottes


Day 21

Drawstring Orange Shorts and Scoop Neck Tee (more new makes- blog posts coming soon!)

Day 22

Racerback tank and Remnant shorts (shown on blog but no detailed posts)


Day 23

Navy Odgen Cami and White Holly Pants

Day 24

Little Tank coverup (unblogged) I whipped up with remnants from my Memphis Dress + pink leggings.

Day 25

Mini Me Made May with Ami! Wearing matchy-matchy fabric shorts (Me: McCalls 6658 Ami: Simplicity 8398) and my white tank (Ami’s is from Old Navy) (blog post coming soon!)

Day 26

V Neck Grommet Tank and Red and White Stripe Holly Pants


Day 27

Blue Knit Rib Tank(new/unblogged) with my denim culottes + new Tevas.


Day 28

Orange Shorts (shown earlier) with Gray Rib Knit Tank (new/unblogged)

Day 29

Hawthorn Dress– one of my oldest makes from 2013!


Day 30

Fiona Sundress

Day 31

Brand New Dress for the last day of May! Style 2618 from 1995. (Blog post coming soon!)

I haven’t had work since March so I’ve been sewing and designing way more than I usually do. I should start working again shortly so I’m really glad I had this time extra time to sew. School officially ends on Tuesday and I’m looking forward to a more relaxed summer with the kids. We’ll have to get creative with what we do this summer. Usually we go to children’s museums and indoor activities to beat the heat. So far rainy season is in full swing and temps have been lovely so maybe this year the heat won’t be quite so bad, fingers crossed!

Huge shout out to Zoe at So Zo Blog for hosting again this year! Me Made May really gave this month a sense of normalcy. Getting dressed every day made me feel so much better than just wearing yoga clothes all week! Thanks to everyone who followed along with me on Instagram. The sewing community is just so amazing and feels so supportive in these crazy times we are living in.

Back soon with lots of new sewing posts. I’ve been taking pics of all my new makes this month so making posts for the next few months will be so much quicker. Stay Safe + Happy Sewing!

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  1. There are a few pieces here I hadn’t seen yet–the deep navy print dress, the stained glass top with the dots umbrella (clever that!), the orange shorts and grey top (great combo) and the navy twist headband–I could use one of those now that my hair is long! Also the navy and white skirt is so much fun! I think my favorite may be your last, the long abstract print frog and button closure dress to be worn alone or with leggings. What a superb wardrobe!

    1. Thanks mom! It seems so strange that you haven’t seen ALL the clothes! I’m used to being able to show them off to you first! Miss you!

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