ALL the Zoey Tank Tops

Just a quick post today on one of my favorite patterns for summer- The Zoey Tank Top from True Bias. This is a great stash buster! All the versions I made were out of remnants in my stash and were so easy to sew up assembly line style!

I will say the construction is a bit fiddley doing the straps. I’ve decided what I really need is a bias attachment on my machine- it would make this sew up so easily! I just got in an older book- Sewing with Knits- which is a fantastic resource to add to your sewing library.

So here they are… ALL the Zoey’s:

First up is this great seafoam ponte version. It matches my Mint Burda 116 skirt– which makes it great wearing together like a dress! I love this color and this knit has a nice cool heavier weight that smoothes everything out. I bought it from The Sewing Workshop.

Next up is my cream rib knit version- fabric from Stonemountain & Daughter. I love this tank! Really elegant. I will crop the bands for the armhole or raise the back higher for my next version. This fabric was really stretchy. But a perfect staple to add to my handmade wardrobe!

All the Details:

Next is my simple Vadar Black Knit from Marcy Tilton Fabrics. This is a gorgeous opaque and drapey knit. I love Marcy’s selection of knits- always so amazing!

I love a good workhorse pattern! I’m going to try some of the expansion pack ones too! I have made the dress version before (when I worked at AGF) so I was really happy to rediscover this pattern! Summer here in Florida gets so hot that you really need all the tank tops!

I also made this Pecan Zoey Tank version (below) plus a leopard print version in green.

I’m planning on bringing a few of these on our Girl’s Trip to NYC-Palm Springs-LA at the end of the month. I’m working on sewing up a few pieces for our trip and can’t wait to share them! Planning and packing videos and blog posts coming soon!

Watch my May Makes Video:

In case you missed it here’s the video that showcased these tank tops.

Back soon with more makes! Saturday I’ll be sharing my 5 Tips for adding Color to Your Wardrobe Video on YT plus an accompanying blog post. Stay tuned!

Happy Summer Sewing!

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