Avocado Dyed Marcy Tilton Pants


Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

These are my new favorite pants!  I love the wide leg silhouette that tapers with two lower leg pleats, the fitted and darted waist in front with an elastic band in back (so comfy!) and all the seaming details.  Plus giant pockets!  And the hemp is so light and soft after washing and drying looking much like linen.  I need these pants in every color!

I purchased this pattern during Vogue’s clearance sale a few weeks ago.  It was like christmas morning when all my patterns arrived!  I cut these in a size 12, my usual size for Vogue patterns,(though if I went by my measurements I’d be closer to a 16) and still think I could go down a size.

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

Pattern:  Marcy Tilton for Vogue Patterns V8499 View C (center in picture)

Fabric: Hemp Tencel Twill from Organic Cottons Plus

Natural Dye: Avocado peels and pits

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

The fabric itself is an undyed Hemp and Tencel Twill from Near Sea Naturals that I bought from Organic Cottons Plus.  So glad to have this fabulous source of fabric back to work with (they closed for a while during their move to New Mexico)and are finally back in production.  I really missed my fav source of Organic and Sustainable fabrics.  I haven’t done as much natural dyeing this summer as I was focused on swim clothes and quicker makes with both kids at home all day.  Now that it’s just Ami and me in the daytime I have so much more time to myself.  I forgot how wonderful nap time is!

I’ve been saving up avocado peels and pits in the freezer and wanted to give them a try.  I was hoping for a pink but I think you need an acid or a protein fiber to get that color.  I wasn’t thrilled with the color at first, a light yellow, and originally planned on over dyeing them.  After they were done though I was so happy I left them.  I really need more solids in my wardrobe.

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

I LOVE the creamy yellow which fits perfectly into my color palette-I’m working on INTO MIND’s Style Workbook and this was exactly the color I picked as my neutral.  It works so well with many pieces in my closet, fitted tops and tucked in tanks seem to work best for me with this silhouette.  Bonus- my husband thinks they’re fab too. I was pretty sure he’d hate the wide baggy look, but he was really impressed with the sewing on this pair.  He thought I went out and bought them!

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twillMarcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twillMarcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

I took these pictures yesterday morning.  We’re just back from our mini vacation for Labor day in Venice & Nokomis (FL).  We spent the weekend beachside, poolside and at the Jetty.  The kids love climbing the rocks there.  Plus Vic got in a full day of fishing while the kids and I went book shopping and to a lovely little french bakery in downtown.  I really needed this break after being homebound all week with a sick kiddo (Nigel had the Mumps).  His case was super mild and cleared up quickly after a trip to his chiro and some colloidal silver and Spice of Life EO but we were stuck at home while he was still contagious.

Marcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twillMarcy Tilton Pants, V8499, Avocado dyed hemp tencel twill

Today was Nigel’s first day back to school after a week’s absence.  The day started with tears (I think today was harder than the first day of school!) but ended in a really fun day for Nigel since it was his Music class day.  So nice to be back walking too.  I love our morning walks to school though the afternoons have been so hot lately.  Still better than waiting in the car pickup line though!

I’m hoping to get some more projects photographed this week (tons of swimwear & a new dyed top that everyone but me seems to hate!)  I also just finished up some pattern testing which was such fun and am working on a feature post- looking forward to sharing soon!


I  have a giant bowl of hibiscus flowers & some lovely hemp knit to dye this week too.  I collected the blooms at my mother’s yesterday morning before her bushes were cut back.  They were so lush- like walking in a rainforest.  Perfect timing for my dye pot!  The kids and I did some crayon rubbing with the leaves after school too- so much fun!



12 thoughts on “Avocado Dyed Marcy Tilton Pants”

  1. I love the color and cut of these pants–very chic! And the pic of our hibiscus are a wonderful reminder of the lush late August beauty resulting from our summer rains.

    1. Thanks Mom! I’m so happy with how these turned out! Thanks for the cuttings- they’re so lovely! Can’t wait to dye with them :)

  2. Those colours are so beautiful together, the pink with the creamy yellow remind me of ice cream!

    1. Thanks! I’ve been thinking about trying out the pattern before but was hesitant until they went on sale. Really wasn’t sure how the style would look made up. I’ll be making many more!

    1. Thanks! The avocado was a fun experiment. We eat a lot of them here- it’s my daughters fav food, so it didn’t take long to get a nice amount saved.

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  5. I have this pattern & so glad I read your blog before I started. I’m a size 16 for vogue patterns too so I’ll use your advice. I think I didn’t look at the pattern properly cos didn’t realise it had elastic at the back. Makes fitting East Peary. Yay!

    1. Glad the post was helpful to you! I always need to go down in size for Vogue as they add so much ease. Next time I make these I will go down another size to a 10 but you’re right the elastic back is very forgiving. It’s a great pattern!

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