Bare Necessities Carolyn Pajama’s

When I found this print I new I had to have it!  This Bare Necessities organic poplin is in my favorite colors: navy, coral, peach and orange and reminds me of a modern William Morris floral. Just like the image that inspired the embroidery on my denim jeans! While this bold print is a bit too much for everyday wear it’s perfect for a new set of Carolyn Pajama’s!

Plus it’s my first finished make in my #2017MakeNine!

I’m to the point now where my work wardrobe is pretty well fleshed out for the rest of this season so it’s back to filling in holes in my me-made wardrobe.  One thing I really needed was more pretty pajama’s.  I have some very pretty Fifi sets as well as my first floral Carolyn PJ set, but both are definitely summer wear.  So for this set of PJ’s I wanted something with a bit more structure and coverage for wearing around the house in our FL winter and spring.  This set does just that and I’ve been wearing it constantly since they were finished!


Bare Necessities Organic Cotton Poplin

45″ 3.6oz (4 yards)


Carolyn Pajama’s, Closet Case Patterns 

View C , Size 10


I made this pair in a sturdier crisp cotton with added orange piping to highlight the vines in the background and bright orange buttons.  I cut these in a size 10 (my usual size for Closet Case Patterns).  One of my fav things about using Closet Case patterns is that they really do fit me perfectly.  I rarely need to make any alterations.  I sewed these up quite quickly since I had already made a pair before.  I love the pocket construction with the fold over angled pocket and the interior finish of this pattern.  I used French seams everywhere I was able which makes these pretty inside and out.

These are so comfortable!  It’s so nice having lovely things to wear around the house.  I need a few more sets so I have something nice to wear all the time.  Especially since I tend to put on pj’s the moment I’m done with picking up the kids after school.  An elegant dressing gown and a new robe are next on my list!

Right now I’m busy working on outfits for our upcoming trip to Disney World this April.  I’m making Ami the cutest little everyday princess outfits!  I can’t wait to share them all.  I finished up her Snow White tee and skirt and am working on a Cinderella tee and skirted leggings now, + an Elena Dress is in the works.  I got just enough fabric that I’m making myself some coordinating looks too! Stay tuned!

and I almost forgot…Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ll be whipping up a delicious meal tonight for my family with a decadent chocolate dessert! Can’t wait!

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    1. Thanks Lisa! I am reading Cold Comfort Farm! It’s one of my favorite ! I reread it every few years!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! It’s a fab pattern! That really is my favorite part about making pj’s-I always feel more free to go bold + eccentric with what I’m wearing at home!

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