Better late than never! KCW Urban Hoodie

Better late than never!  KCW Urban Hoodie at Sew Pomona

This was supposed to be my last make for KCW (Kids Clothes Week– go check out the blog!) They were all cut out and ready to go, but I ran out of steam after the full week of sewing for my kids!  Then we were hit with a warm spell and my mom hinted that I should wait to sew it up until after my birthday- a pretty broad & winking hint, so I knew I was getting the serger I had on my wishlist.  This was my 5yo son Nigel’s one request for me to sew, a new hoodie in dark blue (no prints allowed) with green buttons.  Our weather here in Florida is so mild that Nige only has one other hoodie and a few long sleeve shirts.  He wears a semi uniform of light blue polos and shorts/pants to his montessori preschool (which my husband proudly irons for him every morning- so sweet) that he really has little need for any more handmade clothing.  In these pics he’s also wearing the pants I made him over Christmas which you can read about here!

Better late than never!  KCW Urban Hoodie at Sew Pomona

When Nigel saw that I was about to sew up his hoodie the other day he was so excited, he came over and gave me a giant hug and thanked me for sewing for him, such a sweet boy :) I used the Urban Unisex Hoodie pattern, mine is size 6-12 years,  from Heidi & Finn that I bought on Etsy and made up in a size 8.  I wanted it to fit for awhile so I made it a bit bigger and cut down the sleeves.  I figure this way it will fit for longer and I can just add a bigger cuff to the sleeves if he needs more length there.  I used 1.5yd each of a navy blue ponte knit and lined it with a denim looking knit used on the wrong side(the right side is an awful looking lace print denim), both from Joann’s.  I found the neatest looking navy and lime green buttons to brighten up this look.   This was my first knit project, that I think I put off partly because I was afraid to sew with knits.  Luckily with my new serger this was a breeze to sew up.  The pattern itself is a PDF with great pictures and really easy to follow instructions.  All finished in about 2 naptimes, cut out the pattern in about an hour or so and sewed the whole thing up, mainly serged with topstitching and buttons done on my regular machine, in under 2 hours!

Better late than never!  KCW Urban Hoodie at Sew Pomona

I’ve been working on my jeans for February’s Smarty Pants Challenge at The Monthly Stitch all week and really needed a break to make something quickly.  It felt so great to be able to make something quickly and feel like something was accomplished this week!  My son was home sick for a few days so I couldn’t get as much done with both kids cooped up.  My jeans are almost done, but I totally wrecked my first waistband and ran out of material to redo it and was panicking a bit.  I custom dyed the denim and did not want to spend more money on dyeing such a small piece.  Thankfully, when I went to Joann’s with my daughter this a.m. I was able to find an almost perfect match of denim!  I was really shocked, especially since mine was dyed with indigo and is a bit brighter than your typical denim.  LIFESAVER!!!  I was so psyched, the color is actually called Medieval Blue and even the grain looks identical!

Hoping to finish up my jeans this weekend to get these in for the February Challenge.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to head over to my last post to vote for next months Miss Bossy Patterns, our March Challenge!  The Anne Klein top is in the lead, but only by a few votes, so come on over and vote!

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