Blue Sparkle Knit Ruska Knot Tee

The past month has been all about sewing from my stash. This was one of my last makes for winter with a little bit of holiday sparkle. I’ve had this knit for a little over a year and couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it. It’s a bit on the sheer side and lightweight with not a ton of stretch. As soon as I got Breaking the Pattern this Christmas I knew the Ruska knot tee would be perfect match!

The extra front panels give it just enough opacity. I really love the front knot feature with the center seam. Just a touch of whimsy while still being wearable. I’ve found that if my clothing isn’t a bit practical I just don’t wear it. No formal outings here-basics are my mainstay. I’m wearing my Ruska here with my fav hand embroidered jeans.

All the Details:


Navy Sparkle Knit from Marcy Tilton,currently out of stock, but a wonderful selection of knits are always available.


Ruscka Knot Tee, Breaking the Pattern by Named

This was a very simple sew- the instructions are very concise. Next time I’ll use this technique Sewing Like Mad posted on FB to sew the ties. You can see my earlier Ruska (and more sewing details) here.

I’m now counting down until Spring Break! I’ve been sick for a full week now with the flu (and a cough that won’t quit) so vacation is looking wonderful right about now. The kids get off with a 1/2 day Thursday and then we’ll have a lovely week off together before our family mini Vacay to Hobe Sound. My sis and brother (in law) rented us all a big beach house about an hour north of here and I can’t wait! I just love our big family get togethers. The last few reunions have been whirlwind trips to Disney and then Universal so this year we’re going more laid back with a beach house getaway.

I’ve already made up a ton of Spring/Summer looks to wear-all out of my stash and remnants. I’ve made a real dent in sewing up my stash lately. Getting creative with scraps and remnants is so rewarding. Especially when you use up every last bit of fabric. Can’t wait to share the new makes!

Back soon with some fresh Springtime looks! Happy Sewing!

2 thoughts on “Blue Sparkle Knit Ruska Knot Tee”

  1. I love reading your blog. You inspire me. Wish I had the energy to follow through but I’m not giving up. Ideas are plentiful and stash is too.
    Enjoy your family time and proudly show off all your classey duds. Shirley

    1. Thanks so much Shirley! You’re the best! Hope you’re enjoying time with family too!

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