Blue Teal Stamped Dot Knit Dress Vogue 9312

It’s full on summer here in Florida so time to share some of my newest makes for the season! I’ve been sewing up a storm lately so I have a big backlog of new makes to share. This dress is my second version of Very Easy Vogue pattern 9312. I love this knit pattern and it sews up really quickly. This dress has gotten a ton of wear already. It’s totally secret pajamas!

I made my regular size in Vogue, a 12, with a few more modifications. My first orange and white stripe version was a wearable muslin but it helped me determine some things to change on this one. I cut two each for all my bodice pattern pieces and then sewed them burrito style so it’s clean finished on the inside. I then added a band under the bust to add my elastic to under the bust for a bit more support and to enclose my elastic. My big change on this make was to insert bra cups sandwiched in-between the two front layers so I don’t need to wear a bra. So much more comfortable!

Depending on the knit you use you may need to adjust the fit. This knit is a bit heavier so I needed to shorten the shoulder seams by over an inch since the weight of the fabric was pulling the dress down. I left my hem unfinished which I tend to do quite a bit with knits.


Very Easy Vogue 9312

Size 12 View A

Close-fitting dresses have front that extends into ties, encased elastic at waist, and length variations.

For two-way stretch knits only.


Blue Teal Stamped Dot Knit 2 yds. Marcy Tilton OOS

Blue Teal Stamped Dot Knit

Blue bamboo/lycra jersey is printed in abstract random black dots with a hand printed effect. The print was created for an upscale LA designer, and the dots range from 1- 2″ in size. Lovely quality, light/mid weight, opaque, with a smooth hand, fluid drape, crosswise stretch with some rolling at the cut edge. On trend and perfect for a t-shirt, top, tunic, dress, skirt, leggings.

OOS but Brown colorway still available

This fabric from Marcy Tilton is just so lovely. The color is even prettier in person. A lovely teal dark blue with a wonderful hand and drape. It’s buttery soft and feels wonderful against your skin. I love the abstract varied dot print. I also made a little matching headband with my scraps so I used up all the fabric except for a few small scraps (that I save for pillow filling). I’ve been growing my hair out for a few months now so headbands are in regular wear.

I’ve been super busy at home with the kids planning out our summer at home. We stocked up on craft supplies, a slip and slide and activity/experiment supplies so there’s always something to do when the kids tell me they’re bored. I originally had the days sectioned off (Make Something Monday, Tourist Tuesday, Water Wednesday, Thinking Thursday, and Fun Friday) but the big hit was Tourist Tuesday so we’re going to expand that for the whole week and focus on a different country each week of summer. This week is my fav- Egypt. I even found the hieroglyphics stamp kit form the MET that I had when I was a kid! I’m kinda enjoying go back to my stay at home mom routine now that I’ve relaxed my expectations. We do less but I’m enjoying our time together so much more. It looks like the coming school year is only going to be two days of in person class a week so I need to get used to this new normal. Especially now that work has started up again, albeit very slowly.

If you’re interested in our Summer Camp at Home Plans here’s my planning board:

I’ve been really enjoying being offline and focusing on making in my free time and avoiding social media. Most of the day is spent with the family and I block out some chunks of free time to sew, cook, garden and read. Luckily I realized my kids rarely interrupt me when I’m sewing. I have a new addiction though, I’ve started playing Bloxburg on Roblox with my daughter online. I’m a bit obsessed with building and decorating my virtual home. My daughter loves it because we roleplay together in the game. I never play video games but this one is just perfect for me. It’s satisfied my urge to decorate that I haven’t got to use much since I stopped working as a visual merchandiser.

Back soon with more makes. Stay safe and Happy Sewing!

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