Breton Stripe Knit Wrap Jacket

I love a good Breton stripe and this one is a gorgeous shade of delft blue and super cozy. I was originally planning on making this into a tee but I love loops on the wrong side of the fabric and wanted to be able to show them off. I used Suzy Furrer’s Craftsy Class – Designing Your Wardrobe- Drafting Tops- to make this up. It’s the last lesson in the class and one of my favorite drafts. I cut very carefully so all my stripes line up and angle at the neck seam.

This is a really simple draft. It’s uses my woven sloper and extends the front outward to a square shape. The fun comes in drafting the extended collar that goes up and out and meets at CB before joining at the shoulder and neck. I did need to narrow my sleeve a bit after construction but that was quick and easy. I just trimmed it up the sides in the serger. Next time I’ll lower the sleeve head a bit and narrow the shape.

Here you can see how the neckline joins in the back. It just folds over itself to form the collar. My careful cutting paid off with the perfect angled seam.

I love how this drapes! The wrong side shows off the loops of the french terry knit. Hard to see in these phots but really pretty. This would look great in a fabric with a contrast wrong side.

All the Details:


Designing Your Wardrobe: Drafting Tops

with Suzy Furrer on Craftsy- I own and love this course! All of Suzy’s courses are fabulous at teaching you the basics of Patternmaking. The Knit Wrap Jacket is the Final lesson in this course. I also used my knit sloper to draft the tank top.


Breton Stripe Bamboo Terry – White + Light Blue, Core Fabrics 2yds, OOS

Cotton Spandex Jersey Blue, Stonemountain & Daughter 2yds, OOS

Here’s a closer look at the simple tank top I’m wearing in the photos. It’s based off my knit sloper with a simple scoop neck and a slightly cut in arm. I used a 1″ binding to finish off the neckline and armholes. I used my quick method of serging. I attach one shoulder and then attach my binding before closing off the seams. I do the same with the armholes so I can sew it in flat adding just a bit of tension to my binding.

This one was my practice version. I really like the width of the straps and the full back since I don’t have to worry about bra straps showing. I might narrow them a tiny bit on my next version and lower the neckline slightly.

Here you can see how the jacket looks closed. It has a simple curved edge and hem that is left unfinished. This jacket is so comfy. Just what I need for going out to restaurants where I’m always chilly! I’m wearing it here with my jean culottes before they get put away for summer.

I’ll be taking this on my trip to Greece. It will be an easy and comfortable layering piece that I can wear on the airplane for the 15 hr + trip. We just booked our tickets so I’m working on getting everything I want to take sewn up. Here’s my Wardrobe planning post if you missed it.

And I’ll end this post with a picture of me and my sweetie Suki! She loves chasing lizards while I take pictures. And check out how big my sky vine is getting! I had to cut it back to the roots before our house was tented and it’s been growing like crazy in the last 2 months!

If you haven’t already check out my new Hibiscus pattern release in my Etsy shop! I really love my new design and am hoping it sparks some more interest in my shop so I can make this a succesful small business. I’m working right now on filming my process as I stitch up my large scale design on a silk jacket. Plus I’m hoping to be able to offer kits soon too! I found some beautiful hand dyed pearl cotton that I’m really excited about. If your interested in kits please let me know in the comments. Thanks so much for supporting me in this new venture!

Back soon with some fun new makes! Happy Sewing.

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  1. This is perfect for so many occasions. The cut is excellent! My kind of wardrobe piece!

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