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Spring Summer Sewing Plans Sew Pomona

Spring Summer 2024 Sewing Plans

I’m back today with some Spring sewing Inspiration! The weather here is warming up which means it’s time to start planning out my Spring and Summer Wardrobe for 2024. I’m keeping my plans a bit looser this season so I can relax and sew what I love! You can see I’ve added my color palette

Holiday Gifts Video Cover

Holiday Sewing Patterns & Gift Ideas

Every year I tell myself I’m going to take it easy and not add extra projects to my docket- but as the Christmas season approaches, I get excited and want to make all the things! This year I do plan to keep it minimal- just a few handmade gifts for my parents- but I now

Simplify & Make a Plan, Planning and Sewing a seasonal wardrobe at Sew Pomona

Simplify & Make a Plan

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the ideas we’ve come up with so far? Let’s take a step back and focus on simplifying and crafting a realistic plan in this episode!  Hi everyone, and welcome to the final episode in my series on Planning and Sewing a Seasonal Wardrobe. I can’t believe we’re already at

Create a Seasonal Wardrobe That Fits Your Lifestyle

Today on the blog we’re talking about how our lifestyle and the seasons play into our wardrobe choices.  When thinking about your seasonal wardrobe, consider your day-to-day lifestyle. All these things help shape what you plan to sew and wear.

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