Come on over and Vote- Miss Bossy Patterns!

This month I’m working on my jeans for the February pants challenge over at The Monthly Stitch, but I’m already gearing up for March’s challenge- Miss Bossy Patterns!  The March Challenge lets you vote on what I should make next out of my existing pattern stash that I haven’t made up before.  I have quite a few patterns (mostly dresses) I haven’t tried yet so the trick was narrowing them down and still trying to make them work with what I really need in my wardrobe.  I don’t have much of a fabric stash since I mostly order online but I’ve included pics of the fabric’s I’m thinking of using for each project.  Click on any of the images for links to the fabric sources.

Here are your choices:

V8859 Misses stretch Pants by Marci Tilton

I think these would work great as exercise pants in a fun print.  I really need some more fitness looks since I try to get out walking the kids to school or walk the local trails at least 3x a week.  I really need to get back into my yoga practice too.  I love the slim fit and that they don’t look like regular yoga pants, especially with the back pocket detail.

Here are some of the fabric’s I’m considering (Top two are Marci Tilton, bottom Finch Sewing Studio):

V1384 Donna Karan Bias Wrap Dress as Tunic

I’ve been wanting to make this dress for a while.  I’m thinking of making this up in a tunic length.  Since I’m still breastfeeding dresses just don’t work well for me, but as a tunic this would be really to easy to wear with pants/leggings and a tank.  I love the silk the dress is shown in so I’m thinking of making this in a peace silk that I would dye myself with onion skins.

Here’s the wild silk I’m thinking of from Fabric Treasury on Etsy:

V1382  Anne Klein Dress as Top

I really like this dress shape, especially with the color blocking.  I’m actually thinking of making this one as a top.  I imagine I could cut the pattern at the waistline pretty easily and maybe grade it out a bit at the waist to make it more my style.  Much more versatile this way, I definitely need more tops in my wardrobe!

Here are fabrics that I’m thinking about, all from Finch Sewing Studio, I may make more than one of these:

These two together:

This  print with white contrast:

This one may be my favorite, organic cotton voile:

Vote Closed! Thanks for participating!

32 responses to “Come on over and Vote- Miss Bossy Patterns!”

  1. cathynd95 Avatar

    such great patterns to choose from – hard to decide!

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks! I have a feeling I’ll be making all of these at some point!

  2. My Sewing Suite Avatar
    My Sewing Suite

    Great choices, I voted for the second one. I am curious about the dye process and think it would work lovely over leggings or pants.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      I just love that pattern! Thanks for voting!

  3. Annette Avatar

    I’m curious about the pants. But the other two look like winners too.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks! I’m new to sewing with knits so I’m really excited to see how these will turn out!

  4. ThreadTime Avatar

    Love that Anna Klein color block dress. Makes me want one. On the other hand, I would love to know how those pants sew up.
    Have fun,

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Isn’t that dress cute! Thanks for stopping by and voting :)

  5. Gjeometry Avatar

    Voted!! I’m making stretch pants right now, so totally want to see others. And, that painted looking circle/spot fabric is gorgeous!!

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much! I think that patterns my fav of the bunch. Can’t wait to see your stretch pants too!

  6. thecuriouskiwi Avatar

    I voted for the Anna Klein, I love it as a dress, those side darts are interesting – but I think as a tunic it would be neat too. I would actually like to see it in the black and white print and the darker blue as contrast :)

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks for voting! I do love the darts and the simple shape.

  7. Anne W Avatar

    Great patterns, fabulous fabric choices!! I found myself drooling more over the fabrics than the patterns, to be honest! :)

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks! I think I’m going to order a few of the fabrics,love them!

  8. Wagyu Burger Avatar

    The patterns are so different from each other, so hard to choose!

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      I know- I’m kind of glad it’s out of my hands- I want to sew them all!

  9. macinic Avatar

    Fabulous choices – gorgeous fabrics!! And yes, make them all!!!!! ;) I had to choose, so I went for the wrap tunic ;)

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      I’m sure I will! Thanks for voting!

  10. ltinuviel Avatar

    All of the three are fabulous, and really hard to choose, but I like most the last pattern – combining different fabrics intrigues me so much :-) I like both the blue combo and the black-white combo :-).

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks for voting! I do love the fabrics I found :)

  11. sullivan1970 Avatar

    They all look great but I am choosing #3

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks for voting!

  12. thenerdyseamstress Avatar

    I loved for the third one. I love mixing patterns, so it’s kind of an obvious choice for me. I can’t wait to see what you make! :)

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much for voting!

  13. sleepyerin Avatar

    Colour blocking! Chevron! Possibly the choice was not hard for me… Also it’s nice to read about someone with the same dressing practicality to consider :)

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      I love the fabric I found, I may have to buy a few of them even if I don’t make the top next month :) Thanks for voting!

  14. rebeccadoe Avatar

    Oh, definitely the pants! Not only is it a nice pattern, but they are good for your health :-)
    Herzliche Grüße,

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks for voting! I’m really excited to try out the pants pattern!

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