Comfort Dressing-Another Skater Dress

Just a quick post today since it’s Back to School week here and I’m just getting back into the swing of things.  My oldest started kindergarten yesterday- I was more nervous than he was!- so it’s been a busy start to the week. It was so stressful driving him the first day, as requested, with the long lines (waiting about 30 minutes or so each way!) I’m so glad we’re only about a mile to school- we can walk faster than that.  It took us 15 minutes this morning- plus it’s great exercise!  Unless the weather is just horrible we’re walking!

Comfort Dressing- Another Skater Dress


I have a long list of projects going for the next few weeks as we get back into a school schedule.  I made Nigel a new AWESOME backpack- pics soon- and I’m working on two polo shirts for him from Blank Slate Patterns, refashioned out of my husbands old one’s. I also just realized I need more comfy clothes to wear to walk him to school.  It’s still super hot here and I don’t want to wear workout clothes/yoga pants to pick him up.  it’s about a mile walk so I really want to be comfortable but still stylish. My goal is to make a few pairs of very comfy capri’s to wear using one of the new patterns I purchased from Vogue’s pattern sale- Marcy Tilton’s V8499.

Comfort Dressing- Another Skater DressComfort Dressing- Another Skater DressComfort Dressing- Another Skater Dress

In my new goal of comfortable dressing- here is one of my most recent makes another fabulous Lady Skater dress from Kitschy Coo!  I just love this pattern- I’ve made a few for me now and a ton for both kids as rashguards and the original dress.  You can see my earlier ikat dress here!  For this version I wanted the comfort of pj’s and the shape of one of my favorite RTW shirts with a high neck in front and low in back + 3/4 sleeves.  I altered the pattern slightly on the neckline plus added a bit to the length of the skirt so it hits my knees since I’m much more comfortable with that length especially playing with the kids.

Comfort Dressing- Another Skater Dress


I made this with my the same SunGuard UPF 50 knit fabric in Heather Royal that  I used for my son’s rashguard from Rockywoods Outdoor Fabric.  This fabric is just amazing.  So soft to the touch plus sun protection- you can’t beat that here in FL!  This dress is perfect- comfort + function and I can wear it to the beach or out and about and it can actually be worn front or backwards for a different look.

Comfort Dressing- Another Skater Dress

I just finished another swimsuit using the Centauree bodice from Deer and Doe in the same fabric + another rashguard using a Lekala dress pattern.  I’ll show it off next week!  Everything coordinates in the turquoise, royal blue and white-love it!  I was planning on taking pictures yesterday but decided I’d rather just relax and enjoy my special time with my daughter.  The best parts of being a Stay at Home Mom is that I get to spend all day with these cuties!  Yesterday my daughter and I enjoyed the day by going to Clam Pass Beach.  We walked the 1/2 mile shaded trail to the beach, played and then napped followed by lunch at the restaurant (The beach is adjacent to the Waldorf Astoria).  Then took the tram back- Ami’s fav!  Perfect day!

Comfort Dressing- Ami and I at the beach Centauree swim & Cosi swim

15 thoughts on “Comfort Dressing-Another Skater Dress”

    1. Thanks Mom! This is my new favorite dress- which is good because you know I’ve been wearing the ikat version all the time! I love Ami’s pose in that pic :)

  1. I sat here, liking the fabric colour and texture and then I read that it’s SPF 50 as well. Stylish and functional, can’t beat that for a great looking dress.

    1. Thanks Helena! I can’t say enough good things about this fabric- it’s just lovely. Down here I always need the sun protection.

  2. Looks lovely! I’ve only made myself one skater dress and I find it so comfortable and really suits my shape. I have another planned for the coming autumn.

  3. I love the Skater . The shape is flattering and practical. Your version is fab and I love that you have SPF fabric — I need to get some of this!

    1. Thanks Annie! Isn’t that pattern the best! I’m always on the hunt for good sun protective fabric-this one’s a definite winner!

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