Coral Linen Skirt Refashion

You may remember this Coral Linen Vintage Dress I made back in April.  It’s Vintage Vogue V9105, a 1954 Original.   It’s really very lovely but  I NEVER wore it.  I always felt like I was wearing costume.  Time for a change.  Summer is always the perfect time for me to work on refashions.


Coral Linen Vintage Vogue Asymetrical Dress, V9105



Coral Linen Skirt Refashion Coral Linen Skirt Refashion

My solution- hack it up into a wrap skirt.  I cut it off just above the natural waist first.  The original skirt was crazy full so I just cut out all the main side seams, removed the waist stay, buttons and side pockets and then reassembled the now less full skirt.  I also serged the hem into an asymmetrical wavy hem before hemming.

Coral Linen Skirt Refashion

Coral Linen Skirt Refashion Coral Linen Skirt Refashion

To make it more casual I wrapped it the other direction and added the leftover selvedge edges I had saved.  I’m a sucker for a nice selvedge edge and always try to save it when I can for trim.  I applied it on the reverse side and then flipped it up and topstitched.  It finished the hem and waist really nicely.  I love the slight blue stripe in the selvedge and the loose edges.

I also added a new waist stay from selvedge left from my last pair of rust pants, a nice sturdy organic cotton twill.  I simple folded over the unfinished edge and then stitched the finished sides to the waist.  Ties were added from some twill ribbon I had on hand for the closure.  Plus a simple buttonhole was added to the waist for the tie to wrap into.

Coral Linen Skirt Refashion Coral Linen Skirt Refashion

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Simple fix that has really saved this make!  It was kinda fun just messing around fixing this up on the fly with no set plan or pattern.  Especially after the more complicated patterns I’ve been working on lately.   Really refreshing!

Pics lately are taken with the kids playing at the playground before it gets crazy hot.  We’re always on the hunt for awesome shady playgrounds.  I’m always surprised at how empty they are- all the kids must be at home or at camp.  My kids need the daily activity.  We do a park (morning) and the pool (evening) almost every day.

Playground pics, Sew Pomona Playground pics, Sew Pomona Playground pics, Sew Pomona

I’ve already worn this skirt more in the last two weeks than the dress was ever worn.   Hope you’re all having an amazing summer!  Happy sewing!

Coral Linen Skirt Refashion




9 thoughts on “Coral Linen Skirt Refashion”

  1. I’m a sucker for an attractive selvedge too; it seems a shame to hide the pretty ones! Your refashion looks perfect for summer – well worth the refashion from a dress you weren’t wearing.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle! Selvedge really is so pretty-I’m always trimming it before I cut out my patterns to save all I can now.

  2. love it, i have a few vintage makes I need to refashion – I love trying out the patterns but then dont find I am wearing the dresses (some of the skirts have so much fabric) – great skirt

    1. Thanks so much! I really love the construction of vintage patterns, they’re so fun to make. Refashioning is definitely the way to go.

  3. Great idea! The dress is gorgeous. My first thought was – what is wrong with it? But I see what you mean about getting any use out of such a dramatic style. We live in such a casual world. Sometimes I wish we still wore hats and gloves and used cups with saucers, but since we don’t… your skirt is a perfect solution. I bet you have enough fabric left to make something for your daughter!

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