Create & Design a Mood Board

Hi everyone, and welcome to the third part of my series on Planning and Sewing a Seasonal Wardrobe. I’m here to help you create a wardrobe that’s stylish and sustainable! One piece at a time.

Last time we talked about considering your lifestyle, activities, weather, and season. Today we’re going to talk about creating and designing a physical mood board.

What is a mood board?

A mood board is a collage of images, fabrics, and text that represents your inspiration for a project. It can be used for anything from planning a new home décor scheme to designing a new fashion collection.

I start with a digital mood board and then curate my favorite ideas into my physical mood board. Here’s my Pinterest Board for this season- Fall Winter 2023/24:

I start by creating a few collages from my favorite pieces in my digita mood board and then printing them off on my home printer. I’ll then go through my collections of magazines, postcards, fabric swatches and paint chips to create a visual representation of my thoughts and ideas for the season. This process helps mye identify the key pieces I’m loving and design a cohesive look for my handmade wardrobe.

rust and red inspiration Fall Mood
Luxury elevated neutrals and shades of blue wardrobe planning mood boards
yellows, oranges, mixed prints knitting ideas Mood Board collage

Why create a mood board?

  • To visualize your inspiration. A mood board can help you to see your inspiration in a concrete way. This can be helpful when you’re trying to decide what kind of clothes you want to sew.
  • To plan your seasonal wardrobe. A mood board can help you to plan your seasonal wardrobe by showing you what colors, fabrics, and styles you want to include.
  • To get feedback from others. You can share your mood board with friends, family, and sewing colleagues to get their feedback. This can help you to refine your design and make sure that it’s something that you love.
  • To stay inspired. A mood board can be a great way to stay inspired when you’re feeling stuck in your sewing journey.

Start by gathering your images and fabrics. Arrange them on the corkboard or foam board (I got my fabric covered ones at IKEA) until you’re happy with the composition. Use pins to secure the images and fabrics in place. Add text or quotes that reflect your inspiration. Don’t be afraid to experiment! There are no rules when it comes to creating a mood board.

Mood Board

Watch the video on YouTube:

What I’m wearing in the video:

Black scoop knit tee– self drafted- fabric from The Fabric Fairy

Burda 116 Ponte Knit Skirt in Pecan- fabric from The Sewing Workshop

Tips for creating a successful mood board

Have fun! Creating a mood board should be an enjoyable process.

Have you ever created a mood board for your sewing projects? If so, what’s one item or color that’s a must-have on your board? If not, what’s stopping you?  

I hope this helps you to create a beautiful and inspiring mood board for your seasonal wardrobe. Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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