DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip

I feel like I’m living my best life in this 90’s DKNY dress. Growing up in the 1990’s I just love this style of dressing. Lightweight overdress with leggings or a slip underneath. And since the sheer dress trend is back in style I am once again ahead of the times! Maybe my fav trend of a longer skirt over pants will come back too.

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip Sew Pomona

I want to start today’s post with an apology- I was updating my website and trying out a new theme when it started spitting out new “Lorem ipsum” posts which you may have seen in your inbox a day or two ago. They looked like gibberish-or Latin. I quickly deleted that theme and just updated what I have on the site. I’m so sorry for all the spam posts!

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip Banyan Tree Florida
DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip plum and teal

Luckily- everything is fixed now! If you want to take a look around the site I’ve redone most of it now. I just added a new page all about making capsule wardrobes if you’re into that. And I’ll be continuing my series on planning and sewing a seasonal wardrobe here and on YouTube. The next episode will release on Saturday.

DKNY V1375 Sheer Dress

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip

All the Details:

So let’s talk about this pattern. It’s a DKNY-Donna Karan Vogue American Designer pattern from the 90’s. I made version A during Me Made May in a sheer brown floral (it’s on my YouTube Channel) and while that one is cute this version is so much better! That version is in a cotton voile from Marcy Tilton. I’m thinking about reworking it a bit since it’s so boxy. I’ll add it to the blog once it’s been fixed.

Here’s a quick look at the dress:

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip fabric Marcy Tilton Black & Brown Floral Print
MMM Day 7- Cotton Voile DKNY V1375 90’s pattern View A, size 12

You can see the new dress (View B) worn in this YT video:

Vintage Sewing pattern:

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 1990's

LilFlowerVintage on Etsy

DKNY Donna Karan New York – Vogue American designer V1375

1990s pattern

View B Size 12

Dress, Unitard, Short Sleeves, Tie Back – Size 12 14 16 Bust 34 36 38

Fabric Dress & Slip:

detail view skirt

Marcy Tilton

Frandosa Italian Cotton Voile Woven 3 yds, OOS

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip side view

Isn’t this fabric stunning? It’s a cotton voile that is sheer from marcy Tilton- out of stock now. I made this back in June and just adore it. It was so easy to sew with and I love the colors! The sheen and texture is just gorgeous. I don’t know how well you can see it in the images but I used the wrong side on the skirt, sleeves and back and the right side on the bodice front. I really like playing with fabrics like this that are pretty on both sides. The wrong side is a bit lighter and has less of a bright sheen.

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip detail front

Sewing details for V1375

This version is a bit more fitted which I think works better for me. How lovely is that tie back detail? I used the right side for that as well for some contrast. I used french seams for the sides of the skirt and then a simple serged edge for all the other seams. because this is very sheer I wanted to keep those less bulky and neat. The neckline is a simple pressed turned under seam- which worked quite well in this fabric.

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip back view

I made a matching plum colored slip. If you watch the video you’ll see I made two versions. The first one the straps were too wide- I used the selvedge to finish them so I plan on wearing that one by itself and then the second version I redrafted to fit the neckline of this dress. It can also be worn over the black knit tank top and leggings I made to wear with the brown version.

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip wide shot

I like that the slips can be worn by themselves or under this dress. I want to experiment with a few more slips in different colors to wear under this dress. I think a teal would be gorgeous and maybe a burgundy silk.

Fall Sewing Plans

I’m really excited about my Fall sewing. I’ve got a pair of self-drafted rust slacks, stretch woven olive Burda pants, and a bold sheer print Anna Sui mini dress pattern on my worktable right now.

DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip
DKNY Vogue American Designer V1375 Sheer Dress & Slip looking up banyan tree

Gala Gown

And I just ordered fabric to make my Gala Gown! I’m going to share the whole process of designing and sewing that vintage 1957 Vogue pattern over on YT once I finish up the wardrobe series. I have 3 videos left in my series and then I’ll get started on that project. The Gala event is in mid January so I want to make sure I have plenty of time to construct the dress. I’m sure I will document it here on the blog too.

I’m slowly catching up on my makes posts here on the blog. I’ve been sharing monthly videos on what I make over on YouTube. Taking pictures just takes me a bit longer. Back soon with more new makes. Until next time, Happy Sewing!

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  1. I love, love, love this Marcy Tilton fabric!  The cut rely made the most of the fabric.  You melt into and stand out from the foliage. Divine!

    1. Isn’t it perfect! I probably looked a bit crazy posing by the side of the road near the golf course but I love how these images turned out! The fabric is so gorgeous! 

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