Entredeux Insertion Linen Tank

If you saw last weeks blog post this top will look very familiar! Here is my Lace Insertion Linen Entredeux Tank. I used a self drafted pattern that has just one seam at Center Front and then drew on my style lines. You could do something similar with any simple pattern. My original pattern had french darts but I just ignored them and drew on a traced out pattern where I wanted to insert my lace.

My lace entredeux has 3/8″ on either side of the lace which made this so easy to sew. I simply cut my linen out of my pattern pieces with no added seam allowance and then stitched the line to the very edge of the lace with a 1/4 ” SA on the linen. My original blouse had added ease so this worked perfectly. If your pattern is more fitted just add whatever seam allowance you prefer working with. I suggest as narrow as possible to make the seams easier to sew around curves. At Center front I lined up my two laces and then joined them with a narrow zig zag stitch between the laces. Super simple technique that adds so much interest!

For more info on sewing with this type of lace check out my last post on Lace Insertion Techniques.

I took these pics a few weeks ago on a little mini vacay at my parents house. It was so nice to get out of our usual routine and enjoy time with my parents. I really miss my dad’s cappucino’s and binging Ted Lasso! The kids got to go to a waterpark with my Dad, we played mini putt putt and swam at the pool and went out to dinner for the first time in ages with my Mom.

I’m wearing a new pair of pants in these pics (another version of vintage Butterick 4659) dyed in the exhaust of my Lac Dyeing a few weeks ago. I am planning on dyeing these pants again to get a darker color for fall.

One Seam Bodice Tank. All darts removed (french dart and shoulder) and Pieces 1-4 used for pattern. CF 1/2″ SA, CB on Fold.

All the Details



Width: 53 inches

Weight: 5.6 oz.

Color: Natural

Content: 100% organic linen

Made In: China 

This fabric was created from flax grown and woven in China.

On the Homefront

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes here. Last week was my final week freelancing for my sister’s photography business and it has been such a relief. I loved working for her company but I was getting really burnt out. I’m really good at photo editing, but it’s extremely repetitive. Ending that position was just the impetus I needed to start my own creative business- embroidery patterns for the home sewist. I worked on my business plan all weekend and am going through my legal list to start up. Can’t wait to share more details soon! Stay in the Loop by entering your email in the Sign Up on my homepage or in the right sidebar. I started a new email list for those interested in the business side of the blog.

Next week my kids are finally back to in-person school!!! Nigel is fully vaccinated but both kids will be wearing masks to school since Delta transmission is really high in Broward County. We’ll see how long they go before having to quarantine at home. Ami’s class that was in-person last year (while she was at home) was sent home at least 3x for two weeks each. I’m really looking forward to having some time by myself.

Back soon with another lace insertion top! Happy sewing!

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