Fall 2016 Sewing Plans

The weather here is slowly changing from our excessive summer heat to lots of rainy-and slightly cooler-days. Summer is slowly drawing to a close.  Time for my Fall 2016 Sewing Plans!

I think what I miss most about living up north is real fall clothes. It gets cooler here in Florida but not so much that I need to layer or wear much heavier garments.  My nod to fall tends to be in my color choices. My wardrobe is probably about 80% year round wear so I don’t really require many new makes this season.  I still have a few patterns waiting in my queue that I really want to sew so I thought I’d share those with you today.

Fall 2016 Sewing Plans


My Sewing Pattern Queue:

  1. Morgan Jeans-Closet Case Files
  2. B5920 Retro ’51 Dress- Butterick
  3. Rue Dress- Collete Patterns
  4. V1493 Koos Van Der Akker Jacket
  5. Granville Blouse-Sewaholic

Fall 2016 Sewing Plans-Patterns Fall 2016 Sewing Plans-Patterns

  1. Morgan Jeans–  I was gifted this pattern after testing for Sophie and can’t wait to give it a try.  I’m planning on making this up in a white denim.  I’m on the lookout for a nice organic denim to make these in with silver accents.  I love sewing pants!
  2. Retro Butterick dress– I’ve had this pattern for ages and wasn’t really sure I’d make it until I saw Mode de Lis’  version.  So beautiful!  I love how she modified the pattern.
  3. Rue– I bought this pattern as soon as I got the chance during the pre-release!  I’m so excited that Colette is heading back to its vintage roots.  I can see this style becoming a tried and true look for me.  I love the bodice detail!
  4. Koos Couture Jacket– I think the sleeves and embroidered details shown on the cover are just gorgeous!  I’m envisioning indigo dyeing and some sashiko stitching for this one.  I’m trying to shift my focus to more detailed projects this season.
  5. Granville Blouse– I’ve already made up two more of these!  One is in a peach and cream stripe that I refashioned from a (maternity) Regency Dress I made a few years ago and the other is in a lightweight Crème de la Crème cotton from Marcy Tilton.  This second shirt isn’t quite finished as I’m going to add some sashiko embroidery (in white to keep it subtle) to the back yoke now that it’s sewn.

Thrifted Fabric:

Now that both kiddos are in school I’m formulating business plans so my sewing for myself is going to be slowing down this year. Luckily I’m at a perfect point for this because my wardrobe is now really well curated and almost entirely handmade.

Saving up a nest egg to start out my handmade clothing line is my big priority right now so I’ve been focusing on finding vintage and recycled fabric to work with for myself and the kids(and maybe for my business too). It’s amazing how much selection you can find.  I tend to shop at thrift stores looking for actual fabric, sheets and XL dresses(most of what you see above).

Inspiration Board:

2016 Sewing Inspiration- Pinterest

Fall 2016 Sewing Inspiration Pinterest Fall 2016 Sewing Inspiration Pinterest Fall 2016 Sewing Inspiration Pinterest

Back next week with a fabulous wrap dress in dragons breath green organic knit (from Marcy Tilton) using Vogue V1489 (Donna Karan)!  So elegant but super comfy!  I’m so happy I picked up a bunch of these DK patterns while they were still available.  Happy Sewing!


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  1. I want the Rue but I have so much trouble fitting Colette patterns! I cannot wait to see how it turns out for you. Living in Louisiana, I understand how the weather gets cooler but no quite Northern cold!

    1. Thanks Annie! I tend to fit Colette (I always fit RTW really well too). I can’t wait to start making Rue-I just got my fabric! I think I miss the fall most here-cooler weather is very far away!

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