Fall 2020 Wardrobe Plans

I’m back with my wardrobe sewing plans for the fall! We’re a week in and the humidity and temps have dropped ever so slightly here in Florida. I cleaned up my sewing space and refreshed my closet to get ready. This year my plans are very loose. I have a fully handmade wardrobe at this point and really don’t have any gaps. My main focus will be slowly replacing out older makes for better constructed ones.

This fall I’m going to go with the flow a bit more and sew what feels good (after my yoga guru’s Adriene’s mantra “Find what feels Good”). I’ve been so busy with the kids doing school from home (while I’m also working from home) that sewing has become a real retreat for me. As an introvert staying home hasn’t been a big deal, what’s been hard for me is having everyone else home with me all the time. I really need my alone time. Going to my room to sew and design as well as keeping up my daily yoga practice are essential. I’ve had to cut back on some commitments because I just can’t take on more right no without losing that time to myself. So my sewing this fall is all going to be about enjoyment and creativity.

I’ve really gotten into Vintage patterns lately- the construction always teaches me something. I’ve been drafting a lot of my own patterns lately and love the freedom to make whatever I envision. I really enjoy drafting and designing more than the actual sewing. I’m can’t wait to get my Haslam book in the mail so I can learn more vintage drafting methods!

Right now I’m really into 70’s-90’s patterns. Here are a few patterns in my lineup for fall:

I’m keeping baskets lined up in my closet with fabric and patterns I’d like to try out or use again this season. I usually buy fabric after the new year so now is a great time to use what I have. I also have a full bin of old makes that are ready to be reused or refashioned. Plenty to keep me busy when I’m not working!

I also have a huge (for me) stash so here’s what I’m going to try to use first before ordering anything new:

For the fall season I’m sticking with my usual color palette which gives me plenty of variety. I sketched out a bunch of looks I like this season. Mostly I’ll use them for inspiration. I doubt I’ll make them all but having some fleshed out ideas really helps me figure out what I want to make next. All my sketches are kept in one big workbook (amazon link if you’re interested) which means I can go through any time for ideas.

From my Sketchbook:

And finally my Pinterest inspiration board….

Back soon with more makes! Happy Sewing!

4 thoughts on “Fall 2020 Wardrobe Plans”

  1. So much to unpick in this post!
    Firstly the comment about being an introvert in the time of Covid resonates so much. My kids are back in school which gives me a bit of breathing space, but more worry about the actual virus. My husband is still home. I miss the quiet space during the day to just get stuff done!
    Secondly, I love how you’ve reinvigorated these patterns to create something modern.
    Thirdly, the Vogue boxy shirt is the pattern I’ve been looking for to replace a much loved RTW shirt that has just fallen apart. It had it’s flaws, which is why I’ve not just dismantled it to make a pattern. I have, however, found a copy on eBay. Thanks from bringing this into my feed. You’ve made my day.
    Happy sewing.

    1. Thanks so much for the wonderful comments Evie! Glad to share some inspiration. I’m really on a shirt making kick and vintage patterns have such great details. Hope you do make that shirt! Stay safe!

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