Fall Wardrobe Sewing Plans

This summer has just flown by! My oldest starts school in just two weeks.  As my summer sewing winds down it’s time to focus on my Fall sewing plans.   Our weather here is quite warm until at least January so these sewing projects are all geared toward year-round wear.

I kept my silhouettes pretty simple since I want to try out some new sewing techniques as well as natural dyeing with each look.  You can check out all my earlier Wardrobe Architect and Wardrobe planning posts here.  My color pallette is staying the same as last season: ocean blues, white, lavender, coral and rust.  I’ve been using the Into Mind workbook for the past year to help focus my ideas.  I’m a huge fan of Anuschka’s blog!

I’m saving the more complicated dyeing projects for later in the fall/winter.  Hopefully we’ll have moved by then so I won’t have to worry about messing up my condo before we sell.  I’ve really missed my dye projects this summer! I have an amazing dye kit from Botanical Colors that I’ve been waiting to try out.  Keeping the house spotless-with kids- while selling has made me very meticulous.  I’ll be so relieved when we finally sell!

Here are my 8 main looks:

late summer-fall silhouettes
late summer-fall silhouettes2

These were such fun to make up!  I used my Fashion Sketchbook  for the base figures which is such a time saver.  I left these black and white for my kids and their cousins to color.  They had a blast making their own fashion girls! Feel free to download the  PDF images below and print these for coloring fun!

Look 1:  Holly Bodice (By Hand London) + Hawthorn Midi Skirt (Colette)

This look is already done!  Looking forward to showing off this make as soon as I get pics taken :)

Look 2: Tiny Bias Tube Tank (technique from Threads using my bodice block) + Holly Pants

Looks 1 and 2 are being made utilizing my already completed Holly Jumpsuit.  Much as I loved that make it was not getting worn at all.  No more jumpsuits for me!  I separated the bodice and pants and re-ordered the original fabric from Organic Cottons Plus to make two different looks.

I just finished up the Holly pants this weekend.  They were really easy to alter, I just had to redo my invisible zip and add the waistband and hook closure.   For this second look I also want to incorporate a new technique into the top, tiny bias tubes faggoted together for the neckline and hem.  I plan on making this in ocean hues.

Look 3: Granville Blouse (Sewaholic) + Wide leg culottes(using my pants sloper) + Chuck sweater (Andi Satterlund) + handmade espadrilles.

I’m planning on making this look out of all organic materials, head to toe.  I love this silhouette!  Button down blouse, wide leg capri’s and a little knitted sweater that I’ll be working on for winter.  Originally I hoped to make this outfit work for Nicki’s One Year One Outfit challenge but that’s just not realistic at this point.  I was hoping to weave my own fabric too but that’s just wishful thinking at this point. Someday! What with the kids home all summer, Ami not getting a place in VPK preschool(she’ll be home with me again this year) and trying to sell our home a lot of things have had to be put on hold.

This will be my most time consuming and complete look. Really excited to start!


Looks 4+8:  Loungewear/Lingerie- B5152 dress (Butterick) + Watson bra (Cloth Habit) + Carolyn PJ Pants (Closet Case Files)

I want to experiment with some block printing for these two looks.  My degree (BFA from Hartford Art School) is in printmaking but I’ve never actually printed on fabric. Crazy, right? Check out my earlier versions of Watson and Carolyn!


Look 5: Tank with sheer panel hem(using bodice sloper) + cargo shorts (using  my pants sloper)

I’m working on my pants sloper right now so I’ve been holding off on any new pants until I’m done.  I’m taking Suzy Furrer’s Pants Sloper class over at Craftsy- highly recommended! I’ve already made up my bodice sloper- Suzy’s Bodice Sloper class- and plan on making all my tops using it as my base.


Look 6:  V- neck tank (using bodice sloper) + linen cargo pants (using pants sloper)

For this look I’ll use some hand embroidery on the pants-though a simpler design.


Look 7: Fitness/ Walking: V-neck fitted tee + Capri yoga pants with pocket (Jalie 3022)

These will be quick makes for my daily walks with the kids to school.  I’ll fit these in as a breather in between the more complicated looks.


I divided up each of my looks to a separate Pinterest board to help me focus when I go to purchase fabric and supplies.  As I sew up each look I plan on adding all my fabric sources as well as the completed outfit. Happy Sewing

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