Fall/Winter Wardrobe Planning 2021

I love planning out my wardrobe makes for the season! I’m extra excited for fall sewing now that the temps have dropped a bit and I have so much fabric in my stash from last year. With my ankle fracture I was out of commission for quite a few months and never got to use all the beautiful wintery fabrics I got for Christmas last year. I can’t wait to start sewing!

I’m also using my new- and FREEEmbroidery and Sewing Planner to show off my ideas and inspiration today. I’m uber-organized right now and have all my stash and patterns catalogued. I came across this great post on Cashmerette awhile ago on organizing PDF patterns and bought some nice white manilla enveloped to put all my indie and self drafted patterns into to keep everything nice and neat.

This is probably the most organized you’ll ever see me! I cut swatches of all my stash fabrics to put them in my binder for the looks I’m working on. This is super helpful when you’re trying to sew from your stash and avoid buying more fabric! Of course a few days after setting this up I got a ton of gifted fabrics from our ASG group but haven’t organized them in the mix yet. They will definitely come in handy to make up these looks. I made up a spreadsheet in InDesign (Adobe) to organize my fabrics and list the yardage and descriptions. I took pics of my fabric swatches to add them in, but in the future I’ll make an effort to get product photos downloaded as I purchase to add them in. I order most of my fabrics online so that will be super easy.

My Fabric Stash:

And here are my main looks for Fall/Winter 2021-

Most of these will be pretty simple sew with a few embroidered pieces added in. I’m almost set to launch my new embroidery pattern business and will be sewing a ton of samples in the next few weeks. I planned a bunch of my makes around them so they can be added to the garments as I sew them up afterwards. I left room for adding all my embroidery stitches and samples in my planner. I’m still finalizing some designs so they’re blank for now but can’t wait to share!

Look 1: Completed ✔️

This is a simple yarn dyed cotton deadstock stripe from Core fabrics made into a 70’s style pant with curve pockets paired with a simple white tee in a devon cream ponte from Marcy Tilton. These are my new favorite pants! I had just enough yardage to make these up. As soon as I get some pics taken they’ll be up on the blog.

Look 2:

This dress is in the works! It’s Belinda Bellville 2129, a Vogue Designer Original. I just started to sew the bodice and just love the seamlines! It’s in a gorgeous drapey Rayon Dobby Quartz with a bit of texture that I purchased last year from Blackbird Fabrics. It’s been on hold with Halloween and embroidery sewing but I can’t wait to get back to this make! I have another buckle in a pearlescent finish from mood that i’ll be using for the matching belt.

Look 3:

I meant to sew this up last year but got sidelined! This is a Vogue Couturier Pattern from the 60’s that I’m planning to make in a knit. It’s meant for a woven, but the pattern is much smaller than I am. I have a feeling if I make it in a knit that will make it work without the bother of grading it up. We shall see!

I made the leggings already for my Halloween costume and finished up this Black Stripe Tee last week with my basic tee sloper pattern. I’ve made this pattern so many times now that in a crunch I can sew up the whole thing in less than 10 minutes! I made another version last week before heading out to our ASG Annual luncheon. I wanted to wear my wool skirt since the weather was cool but didn’t want a long sleeve tee. Voila- completed it in record time to wear that morning.

Looks 4 & 5:

This is the look I’m most excited to make. I just love Haslam patterns and I’m really loving the look of the 1940’s patterns I’ve purchased from Mrs. Depew. I’ve drafted out the pants and just need to draft the House Coat. I’m hoping that I have enough of some lightweight wool I was gifted a few years ago to make both pieces. I’d love to have a matched set. I have a lime green fabric I was gifted around the same time that I may use for a contrast lining. I am planning on embroidering the jacket pockets with my own pocket pattern and embroidery in a subtle color palette. I’ll most likely keep it tone on tone.

Look 5 will use my Single Button Placket Blouse Draft in a gauzy fabric I bought from Mood with an embroidered fabric texture and I’m on the lookout for a thrifted vest to pair with the pants. I don’t think I have enough knitting time right now to make one, but maybe next year.

Look 6:

Another simple Look. I got some awesome up-cycled denim from Core Fabrics in Grey and Cream. I’m planning on embroidering these jeans (future pattern release) and wearing them with a boxy crop stripe tee I already finished with fabric from Marcy Tilton. She has really fabulous (and long lasting) stripe fabrics and knits.

Look 7:

This look incorporates one of my new embroidery designs on the pockets (soon to be released) in a grey linen mini skirt in Vivaldi Linen from Stonemountain & Daughter. I’m planning to use the retro rib knit jersey I bought last year from Blackbird Fabrics to make a coordinating faux turtleneck and will match my embroidery colors to the top. I also bought a bunch of buckles from Mood and will make a matching belt to finish off the look. This look will be perfect with my Doc Martens. I only have 3 pairs of shoes that are comfortable at this point with my injured foot so making everything work with my shoes is super important this year.

Look 8:

This one is a maybe. I love this vintage pattern blouse in my stash and am thinking about using my Orange Poppies from Stonemountain to make this up. That fabric was pricey so I’ll be muslining it first! I really love the pleated skirt with trim from Vogue, 1643. I know the jacket was super popular and want to make that too but love the look of this classic skirt. I don’t really have any fabric that will work for this so this one will be made later in the season, probably after the holidays. I would love a moss green, camel or navy to coordinate with the blouse. Something classic and sophisticated.

Here are my Pinterest Fall Inspiration Boards:

Vintage 40’s Haslam:

Modern and 70’s Inspired Fall:

More Inspiration patterns in my Stash:

I scanned a bunch of my favorite patterns into my computer to add to my binder. I love having the yardage needed listed to give me ideas to make out of fabric in my stash. I really want some winter pajamas and could definitely use a new robe. My daughter also is asking for some matching pj’s for the holidays so I’ll probably make her some Carolyn’s from Closet Core. She found a pair she loved in a heart print that were $250 so she’s happy to have me make these! I also have some corduroy in my stash to make her some pleated shorts. She’s growing really fast so I’ll have to double check her measurements before making anything.

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Back soon with some more finished makes! Happy Sewing!

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  1. I love looks five and six! I was actually thinking about something similar to look five using some vintage wool for the pants. We’ll see though! It’s fun to see your ideas and process.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I just finished look 6 in time to wear for Thanksgiving. I’m really loving the vintage vibe right now. Vintage wool sounds fabulous! I know I always plan out more than I actually have time to sew.

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