Greece Family Vacation-Handmade Everyday!

We’re just back from a glorious family vacation to Pefkos and Athens, Greece! I would have posted this earlier but we all caught the flu after arriving back home and that plus jet lag made for a slow recovery. If you missed my packing /planning post you can view it here.

our GreeK itinerary:

Greece Family Vacation 2022

Pefkos- outside of Rhodes just past Lindos

We spent 4 beautifully relaxing days at an island home on the Mediterranean in Pefkos at Aquavisionaire. Images of our rental are on my Pinterest board linked below. We planned this family trip so half would be relaxing and half would be city touring. A perfect combo to make everyone happy. We can’t wait to go back! The house was a stone’s throw from the water and down the road from the beach. You walk down stone stairs in the cliffside to reach two portico’s and a walkway into the water. Perfection.

What was so wonderful about this trip was traveling with the whole family. My sister and her family, My brother and his family (he just got engaged and we celebrated on this trip), my family and my parents!

The kids spent most of the day swimming while the adults relaxed. Plus our home was right around the corner from and amazing restaurant so we ate like kings! I took a bunch of videos that I plan on uploading to YouTube later which are just relaxing landscapes and the sound of the water and wind.

I even brought an EPP block to work on! Since I started working for Art Gallery Fabrics I’ve become a bit obsessed with English Paper Piecing and brought along a project from a soon to be released collection to work on. It was so nice to have a sewing project that I could easily travel with. You can see me sewing on the balcony in my new floral caftan below!


Aquavisionaire is an exceptional beachfront property in the area of Pefkos, the closest neighbor of Lindos, known for its famous beautiful beaches and little white houses. This unique and rare property is perfect for those looking for beachfront lifestyle, where the authenticity and tradition are still alive. An ideal escape for families, couples, groups of friends, nature lovers, sun seekers and anybody seeking the originality of Greece in privacy and quiet holidays.


Rhodes Medieval City Tour

We also took a private tour to see the Rhodes Medieval City, the Acropolis of Rhodes and a view of Filerimos with our tour guide Liana P. from Tours by Locals. She was a wonderful tour guide and we had such a lovely time. I tried not to overload this post with pics, but feel free to click through the galleries below.

On this half-day private guided excursion, you will be given an overview of Rhodes City and Filerimos. You will visit some of the most important landmarks such: The Medieval City one of the best preserved in Europe, the Grand Master Palace, the Street of the Knights, and other landmarks. The Old Harbor, where according to tradition, the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World once stood. Monte Filerimos – Ancient Acropolis of Ialyssos. Panoramic view of the West Coast (with the minibus, no climb) The Church of Our Lady of Filerimos, the Filerimos Monastery, and the ruins of 3rd century temples of Zeus and Athena. The beautiful pathway the “Via Crucis” or “Via Dolorosa” also known as the “Way of the Cross”
On the way back, the panoramic drive of the Acropolis of Rhodes Town (beautiful vistas) the temple of Apollo, the Ancient Stadium and Theater. This private excursion is for History Lovers and combines fabulous historic sites with beautiful panoramic vistas


Next we headed to Athens for a whirlwind tour of the City. We stayed at 4 Streets Athens in a beautiful apartment with a view of the Acropolis!

4 Streets Athens

The heart of Athens! Under the Acropolis, with a view of the historic landmark, the World Heritage Parthenon! On Ermou street: the most famous shopping street in the country.A brand-new spacious luxury set of apartments in a 19th century classical mansion; a dignified next door neighbour to the priceless archaeological treasure, Kapnikarea Church. First class stunning set of private sanctuaries offer uniquely situated views and relaxation in the very center of it all. An easy 4 min walk from Monastiraki Metro and the cultural touchstone of the chic Plaka neighbourhood, part of a set of apartments that are named 4Streets because their cornerstone location is truly exceptional.


National Archaeological Museum- ATHENS

Our first day my family headed up to the National Archaeological Museum where we met up with my parents to tour the museum. I could have spent all day there but was happy the kids lasted a few hours! I took a ton of pics- you can see more on my Instagram.


Athens Acropolis and Agora Tours:

The Classical Acropolis Tour with Panos

Public & Private Life in Ancient Athens Tour – Half Day Tour again with Panos- the best guide ever!

Food Tour Athens

Athens Food Tour – Tastes and Traditions with Konstantinos

The food was amazing on this trip! I already bought myself a new cookbook in the hopes I can eat as well as I did in Greece. My faves were the Bougasta and the honey and cinnamon fried dough. I also bought the most delicious olive oil during our tasting.

Fabric Shopping!

No vacation is complete without shopping for fabric. I lucked out as the main street of fabric stores was right up the street, behind the Kapnikarea Church, on Kalamiotou street off Ermou. Here’s some pics plus the two fabrics I bought, the blue sheer print is from Paraskevopoulos and the green print is from Kimionis. They had the red colorway in the window display and I was instantly in love!

Back soon with more posts on all the outfits I wore on my trip! I wore handmade everyday of this vacation and can’t wait to share more images of the clothes I made for this trip. My sis also did a mini photoshoot of my caftan you see in the picture of me sewing in Pefkos at the house. Plus my sister had photographers join us on the vacation for a family photoshoot and I also got images of a dress I designed and made shot on a mountain overlooking the sea behind Lindos! They turned out so amazing!

Happy Sewing!

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