Halloween 2017- Greek Gods, Mermaids and Skeletons!

Hope you all had a Fab Halloween!  It’s one of my fav holidays- I love a good excuse to dress up! Check out past Halloween Posts here here, here and here.  We went with a family theme this year since we’ve been reading Percy Jackson- Greek Gods and Mythology. Well, except for my son who just wanted to be a simple skeleton.  My husband dressed as Poseidon (very fitting with his love of the sea), I went as Medusa and my daughter Amelie was a stunning mermaid. She had a real vision for what she wanted to wear this year!


 Here’s my Halloween Costume Mood Board:



We crafted my husband a cardboard trident that Ami decorated and a golden shell crown that he wore with his silk sarong. Perfect use for all the shells we’ve collected over the years!  Plus a wonderful craft project to make with Ami. His look was simple and comfortable.


I wove gold spray painted snakes through my hair and made a simple greek Chiton for myself using the reverse side of a pink pleated metallic fabric from JoAnn’s.  I kept it very simple so I can reuse the fabric later for my daughter.  I wore a golden snake-like collar, green metallic eyeshadow and my teva’s.  Probably my most simplistic costume in years but very dramatic.


Ami got the more complicated design with a mermaid spandex teal skirt with tulle fins (split up the sides for walking ease) and gathered at the waist so it can be let down as she gets taller.  Her top is an applique of a metallic sheer onto a nude knit that tucks in to her skirt.  I kept the back open with an elastic band at the waist so it could still slip over her head. Plus a shell crown and necklace-I was busy with the hot glue this year!- and teal makeup.


 I hand painted a tee and leggings I sewed up/refashioned with glow in the dark paint. I even got the leg bones to match up from the top to the pants- totally by accident! The mask I made for him two years ago, its stiffened felt layered with hand stitching.  I  impressed myself with this one- my art degree really paid off!
We had a fab Halloween trick or treating in a nearby community and the kids quickly filled their buckets to the brim with candy.  Luckily the sugar-plum fairy comes to take away their extra candy in exchange for a small gift so the sugar highs are kept to a minimum. Plus the kids got to wear their costumes more than once at our clubhouse community party over the weekend and at Batty for Bingo at their school.
I’m trying to get back to blogging more consistently so I’ll be back next week with a gorgeous silk topper.  Happy Sewing!
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