Halloween 2021

I had big plans for my Halloween sewing but when it came to crunch time I simplified everything and had a wonderfully relaxed day! My daughter Amelie went as a Vampire Princess and my son Nigel went as Tobi from Naruto. Both costumes were store bought which I’m totally okay with this year.

My son’s costume was a repeat from last year when there was no trick or treating with a few new accessories. I bought him the robe last year and this year he added the mask which we couldn’t find in stock last year. Only downside with the mask was that he insisted on wearing it the whole time were were out and could hardly see to walk.

My daughter fell in love with this goth princess gown in stretch velvet at Spirit Halloween. It fits her perfectly and the little petticoat kept her from tripping over her feet with the long gown. She was super excited about the jewelry she picked out- her first time wearing dangling earrings since getting her ears pierced- plus a lovely matching goth lace choker. We bought vamp fangs to glue on her teeth but her baby tooth was loose and fell out before we left to trick or treat.

Vic as Caeser, Nigel as Tobi and Amelie the Vampire princess

My husband loves all things Roman so he went as Caesar. I think he just likes wearing a toga- so comfy! I made him a simple tunic and bought a few yards of a red knit for his toga. I found some vine leaf felt decor that he worked into a headpiece and added some gold cuffs to complete the look. This one will do double duty. Next year he wants a royal purple toga and for me to add some gold trim to his tunic. The red knit I’ll use for tee’s for the kids (they always have red shirt days at school).

For my costume I went with my fav, Black Widow. I just love the new movie- I’m a huge Marvel and Black Widow fangirl! I was originally planning on going all out and making the full black jumpsuit she wears in the final battle. I had drafted the entire pattern but construction was taking forever. Trying to find extra time to sew when I’m focused on starting a new business was just not happening. So I simplified my costume and went as “casual” Black Widow. I found a Tommy Hilfiger faux leather jacket at a great price and scooped it up. It fits perfectly and I can wear it again if my daughter doesn’t steal it.

I did make my leggings! They’re a two tone paneled legging I self drafted off my one seam legging pattern made up in black ponte. I used the stretch and sleek Italian ponte’s from Mood. The sleek one has a really nice textured finish which gives them a bit more interest. It looks a bit like suede. I plan on wearing these quite a bit in the winter. Super comfy and a bit beefier than normal leggings. I completed my look with a french braid and my Doc’s. I’m so glad I got my Doc Marten’s, walking was so easy wearing these. I was a bit worried since about walking so long with my my foot (bad fracture and surgery in January) but these were so supportive. I’m planning a bunch of my fall looks around them.

All the details:

Black Widow Two tone Leggings

Italian Black Stretch Ponte Knit

Channel your inner superhero with our Italian Black Stretch Ponte Knit. With a flexible drape and ultra-soft hand, the face of this fabric is smooth while the backing is just slightly textured, allowing the knit construction to be more visible. Working with this elastic fabric will be easier than other knits since it does not curl at the edges and it holds its shape well, making it an excellent choice for body-con garments and shape-wear. Try out ensembles like crop tops with matching high-waisted bottoms, dresses fit for raving, pencil skirts that hit above the knee, and even office-appropriate silhouettes like buttoned blazers and turtleneck dresses. Of a medium weight and completely opaque, a lining is not necessary.

Mood Fabrics

Italian Black Sleek Stretch Ponte Knit

Get knit done with this Italian Black Sleek Stretch Ponte Knit! Spectacularly sleek on the face, it features a deep black coloration and generously elastic, yet firm all-way stretch. The reverse is just as usable as the face, having a more matte appearance and slightly striated look. With a flexible drape and medium weight, create body-con dresses that show off all the right curves, or fashion tees, leggings, and skirts in many styles. Opaque, a lining isn’t recommended for most projects.

Mood Fabrics
Had to do the Black Widow pose!

This year was nice and mellow, we carved pumpkins on Saturday and watched scary/spooky movies. I made a fab Halloween inspired Charcuterie board for dinner and we got dressed up and went out at 7:30 for trick or treating. The kids were so excited to head out after no trick or treating last year! Unfortunately it was a bit sparse this year. Only about a 1/4 of the usual homes were participating in the neighborhood we usual trick or treat at. The kids still got a ton of candy and we all had fun. Hope you all had a great Halloween too!

Back next with with my fall wardrobe planning. I’m using my free pdf downloadable planner. Sign up links for my newsletter and access to my free sewing and embroidery planner are in the sidebar and on my homepage if you’d like to try it out! Happy Sewing!

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  1. I like how Vic has specifications for his costume! Where did you find the gold cuffs? And I would steal the entire Black Widow outfit! Fangs for the memories!

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