Halloween Past

I thought it would be nice to share some Halloween Makes from earlier years- especially if you’re looking for some costumes to make for your own family. Just a short and sweet inspo post. I still have a ton of ideas on Pinterest if you’re looking for a last minute make.

I still have these costumes in a bin to pull out as needed if I can find somewhere to wear them. I am starting on a new project- a Gala Gown that I’m super excited to sew! A 1950’s vintage vogue ball gown in periwinkle! Look for that video on Youtube soon.

I can hardly believe it- I have no Halloween sewing at all this year! We also missed a few years with the pandemic but my kids are teens now. The kids are getting older and trick-or-treating is at an end.

My daughter is dressing up for a party- her friends are going as Alvin & the Chipmunks- but no sewing needed. My son is in high school so way too old. I do wish I had a reason to dress up. I need to find a good adult party for next year. For now I’m sticking with my usual Fall sewing plans.

But if you need some great sewing or thrifting ideas here are a few ideas. Most of these have full blog posts if you want to learn more. I’ll link those ones if you want to read more.

So here we go:

Halloween 2021

Black Widow, Roman, Tobi, & Vampire princess

Halloween Sewing 2019- The Addams Family

2018 Harry Potter Family Theme-

No post- my look was thrifted but I made the kids outfits! Ami’s was a Simplicity Harry Potter Robe- great pattern! I even found the patch that she loved. This was right after we went to Universal so she was super excited for this. Nigel went as a Fortnite character. He wanted to put Suki on his back but that seemed like it was asking for trouble!

Halloween 2017- Greek Gods, Mermaids and Skeletons!

Handmade Halloween 2016

Pretty in Pink, Hipster Dad, Kylo Ren & Mulan

Halloween 2015!

Run Lola Run, Cinderella & Smee (Peter Pan movie)

A Maleficent Halloween

Sleeping beauty, Maleficent & “Death”

Halloween with the Kids Past Makes 2009-2014:

Lady with (baby) Ermine

My renaissance reproduction gown (with nursing access panels) and baby Nigel as a cute furry ermine.

Phineas & Ferb (Phineas,Candice & baby Ami Platypus)

Nigel chose this look for the family. I took them trick or treating at the Gardens in our double stroller.

New Girl & Little Bo Peep and Stormtrooper

Snow White & The Huntsman (+ army GI Joe)

This was one of my favorite costumes! I love my self drafted gown and craft foam crown and Ami was so cute as a mini Snow White. We trick or Treated at The Children’s Museum.

Various Costumes- Octopus, Pirate, Warrior, Bat

Back soon with Fall makes! Happy Halloween!

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