Handmade Halloween 2016

Yesterday was Halloween!  My favorite holiday of all.  I think I just like an excuse to dress up! Unfortunately Ami got sick last minute so no trick or treating for her or me! :(  Luckily we had a community party yesterday and a get together with the cousins this past weekend so not a total loss. Vic and Nigel hit the mother-load candy wise- so we know where to go next year!

Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona

This year Ami decided she wanted her first store bought costume-she wanted to go full out as a Disney princess.  She picked out Mulan at the Disney Store.  Sparkly and pink!  She originally wanted to go as Jasmine but that costume was out of stock.  Nigel went as Kylo Ren (aka grandson of Darth Vadar and son of Hans + Leia).  He was happy to have me make his costume though!

All the gorgeous images of the kiddos were taken by my sis Meg at Megan DiPiero Photography. Thanks Sis!!!

Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona


Mulan, Disney princess shoes, crown and dress.

Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona
Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona
Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona


Kylo Ren, Long sleeve top with sleeve treatment, Long split Vest, Belt and Scarf.

Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona

Nigel’s costume was a quick sew with Cosplay fabric from JoAnn.  I did a folded treatment on the arms of his under top to mimic the movie costume.  I made a knit over vest that is split up the center front and sides below the waist-all sewn on my serger.  I then gathered a piece of the vinyl to make a simple cowl scarf and a matching belt.  Nigel wore his handmade black leggings from his costume last year as well as the Helmet he got from the Disney store.  He wanted the sword too but I thought that was a bit much just for Halloween.  I told him he can just use the force!


Hipster Dad-thrifted plaid shirt, pork pie hat, skinny black jeans.


Andi (Molly Ringwald) in Pretty in Pink, Handmade Polka Dot and Lace Dress, spray painted thrifted heels.

My dress was self drafted with a V neck with open shoulders and lace insert attached to a simple tube collar with snaps.  The dress has side darts and a cocoon shape.  The back has a deep V with lace inserts.  The dress is by no means perfect.  It was whipped up Saturday night, but I love how it turned out!  I just got a haircut this weekend in a short bob so it was easy to style it curly like Andi’s in the movie. Plus I found some heels at goodwill that I spayed pink to match.  Perfect!  I’ll be saving this for future Halloween parties!

Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona
Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona
Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona

Here’s all the cousins dressed up:

Halloween 2016 Sew Pomona
Nigel:Kylo Ren, Koan and Veda as Finn and Fiona from Adventure Time, Ami: Mulan
Vic and I- Hipster Dad and Pretty in Pink

The sugar plum fairy is going to get tons of Candy!  Ami is trading most of hers for Pottery Cool and Nigel is going for cash!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I knew exactly who you were the moment I saw that first picture–that was absolutely my favorite movie *mumblety* years ago in high school. :) Start looking for shoes so next year your husband can be Duckie alongside you!

    1. Thanks so much Annie! I was so happy I came up with this idea since most of my costumes are a bit obscure and not easily recognizable. I just love Pretty in Pink-exactly how I felt back in high school! Plus it made me want to learn to sew! :) I did think of having my husband dress up but it just doesn’t work with the beard!

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