Hemp Silk Swing Tank + Slow Fashion October:Worn

Hemp Silk Remnant Swing Tank, Sew Pomona

I  just made a beautiful self drafted swing tank out of my dyed and undyed hemp silk remnants. Lots of sewing and knitting going on here!

Hemp Silk Swing Tank, Sew Pomona Hemp Silk Swing Tank, Sew Pomona

The top uses all my leftover hemp silk remnants sewn together on the bias (I had triangular shaped pieces to work with).  I then drafted this tank with my bodice sloper using this Chris White You Tube tutorial for the swing shape.  All the edges are bound with bias binding.  I like the bit of weight it gave to the hem and I folded the bias up on the neckline for a double edge which I think is so pretty.  The blue was dyed with Aquarelle in Saxon Blue and the natural is leftover from my Bias Tube dresses. I’m wearing it here with the longer Bias Tube dress that was dyed blue.  I was so happy I could use up all my leftover fabric so successfully!

Hemp Silk Swing Top, Sew Pomona Hemp Silk Swing Top, Sew Pomona Hemp Silk Swing Top, Sew Pomona

I LOVE this color! This was one of our last super sunny days.  Hence the not so great pics-they were almost all overexposed.  The weather here now is cool breezy and wonderful!

Hemp Silk Swing Tank, Sew Pomona

Week 4, October 19-25: WORN
second-hand / mending / caring for things / laundering for longevity / design for longevity (bucking trends, quality materials …) / heirlooms

Week 4 #slowfashionoctober WORN, Progress on my Knitting, Sew Pomona

I think I do most of these regularly.  I always mend and refashion our clothing to get the most wear possible.  Plus I’ve really been trying to improve my sewing construction so my clothing is more durable, long lasting and not trend driven.  I prefer classic silhouettes anyway and feel like most trends are aimed at a younger crowd anyway so I’m rarely interested.  I love Vintage clothing and have quite a few nice pieces in my collection as well.  I love to see how they were constructed.  Great inspiration!

My knitting project for the month continues too, though slowly.  I have the body done and am just about finished with the first sleeve! My sweater’s a bit big though- I went with the medium based on bust but It’s now a bit boxier then intended.   Maybe also because my knitting on straight needles is never as tight as when I knit in the round.  I switched to a size small for the sleeves and neckline edging to help the fit.  I think it will be lovely anyway and I’m on track to get this sweater done by the end of the month!

Stay tuned-I’ll be back tomorrow with my KCW Plans for my Halloween Sewing!

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  1. The dying you did for your top is so lovely. I just can’t get over how rich and yet translucent the color appears to be.
    Your sweater is going to be so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much! I really love the color results I got! The fabric is really beautiful-even in it’s natural shade. One of my favs! :)

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