Holly Pants

Holly Pants, By Hand London at Sew Pomona

I’m back this week with another Holly Adaptation!  Last week I showed you my refashioned Holly Hawthorn Dress and here are the pants.  These were a quick refashion after separating my jumpsuit.  I just had to add a new waistband (included in the pattern) and redo the side invisible zip.  Easy peasy.  I’m wearing them here with one of my favorite me made tops, Anne Klein V1382 modified from a dress to a blouse in organic voile.

Holly Pattern Hacks, Original Holly Jumpsuit, By Hand Lond, Holly Hawthorn Dress (Colette Hawthorn Skirt), and Holly Pants all in Hemp Lnen from Organic Cottons Plus.  Sew Pomona

shown above: Holly Jumpsuit,  Holly Hawthorn Dress, Holly Pants (shown here)

Holly Pants, By Hand London at Sew Pomona

These are such comfortable pants.  Easy to wear all day long as long as I keep clean.  So far so good!  I really needed another pair of pants in my wardrobe and these fit the bill.  Plus I love a nice wide leg.

These pants are the first part of my second look from my recent wardrobe plans.  I just got in my hemp silk to start on my top and plan on dyeing both these pieces n the future.  I’m planning on dyeing the pants a pale aqua and the top a brighter shade of turquoise.

I took these pictures on Friday.  Last day with both kids together exploring our parks.  School started for Nigel yesterday!  My little boy is now a first grader!!! The summer really flew by.

We spent the day first at Anthony Park, here in Naples, which has a lovely trail and bridge/deck on the water. It was cool and overcast for a change so a lovely day for a walk.    It’s not in the best part of town and there are no restrooms (a must with kids) so we left soon after. We headed out to our favorite Greenway Park, down the road a bit, for more playground play and a picnic lunch.  Afterwards we played at home for a bit before heading out to meet Nigel’s new teacher at the school’s open house, which Ami slept through!

Holly Pants, By Hand London at Sew Pomona

Holly Pants Construction:

See my earlier Holly jumpsuit post for original construction info. These are a modified size 10 (US) in a Hemp Linen Fabric from Organic Cottons Plus.  All I did to refashion these from the original jumpsuit to pants was reinstall my side zip and then added the new waistband piece and a metal hook closure.  Really easy to sew with a fully enclosed waist.  I really like the extended flap on this pattern.  Clean finished and very comfortable.

Holly Pants By Hand London, at Sew Pomona
Holly Pants, By Hand London at Sew Pomona

Hope you had a beautiful summer!  Happy Sewing!

8 thoughts on “Holly Pants”

  1. I love your two refashioned outfits! I’m a big fan of jumpsuits but sometimes they seem impractical — nice to see how you wore the jumpsuit, then turned it into two more looks. Looking forward to seeing your dye results too :)

    1. Thanks so much! I do love how jumpsuits look. Wish they worked better for me. I’m really happy with how these turned out and can’t wait to get back to dyeing!

  2. The pants look great. I am still impressed with how you turned one thing that even though it was pretty cool, in to 2 things that you will wear a whole lot more!

    1. Thanks Laurie! I’m so happy I thought to repurpose the jumpsuit. I know I’ll get a ton more use out of these two looks. :)

  3. These look so delightfully cool, and what a snazzy haircut to boot! I love hemp linen blends or linen in any form really. My oldest just started 1st grade as well…a whole new world!

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth! I love these pants and I’m really loving having short hair again! Linen is probably my fav fabric, it’s perfect for our hot days here in FL. My son is loving first grade. He told me school is more fun then going to the playground! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by! Hope your oldest is enjoying school too :)

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