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I’m loving the stitchwork on this Tee! Originally I planned to make this just a basic navy tee shirt.  Unfortunately, the yard I bought to try out wasn’t very evenly dyed and faded unevenly after washing.  My solution was to make the focus some Alabama Chanin style stitching, albeit made on my sewing machine.

In Stitches, Navy Tee at Sew Pomona

My main sewing machine is a Singer Stylist which has a ton of decorative stitches to play with.  I don’t use them often but it’s nice to have so many options.


I used my Bodice Sloper again to draft this knit tee shirt with a nice scoop neck and cap sleeves.  I kept the fit a bit looser too so my stitching wouldn’t pull.  The front bodice lost most of its stretch after doubling the layers and stitching the pattern.I used a contrasting beige/tan thread I had on hand for the decorative stitching. Simple but elegant.

In Stitches, Navy Tee at Sew Pomona

I love how the design complements my figure.  I’m wearing it here with my Embroidered Jeans.  This top was really hard to photograph though.  It’s a much richer Navy in person.

In Stitches, Navy Tee at Sew Pomona

In Stitches, Navy Tee at Sew Pomona

Here you can see my process of laying out my design.  Mostly freehand with chalk guides using my ruler and French curve.


That’s about it for this tee!  I’ve got the kiddos home with me all week so not much time to spare for the blog.  Tomorrow is my baking day to get ready for Thanksgiving.  I’m making a cheesecake and pumpkin pie for celebrating with my husband’s parents and his sister’s family and I’m making the cranberry sauce for over at my parents house afterward.  It’s a full day of fun with TWO Turkey dinners!  Luckily for us our parents live about 5 minutes from each other.  I always think my kids are so lucky growing up nearby both their grandparents! Wishing you all have an amazing Thanksgiving!

In Stitches, Navy Tee at Sew Pomona


13 responses to “In Stitches”

  1. Lisa Poblenz (patternandbranch) Avatar

    Way to salvage the shirt! I love the idea, the lines are great, and it’s super cool with those jeans.

    1. Rebecca Burnett (Sew Pomona) Avatar

      Thanks so much Lisa! I love how it turned out

  2. Charlotte Avatar

    Love it – the result is so unique

  3. prolificprojectstarter Avatar

    Stunning. I love it when the fix to something going wrong leaves you with a result better than you imagined (if that makes sense, sorry, feeling a bit sleep deprived today).

    1. Rebecca Burnett (Sew Pomona) Avatar

      I totally agree! Happy accidents like this often give me the most wonderful results! Thanks!

  4. niqueknackss Avatar

    Never have I been so excited to read a t-shirt post. Great design and fit.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much!!! :)

  5. steelyseamstress Avatar

    Such a lovely simple idea to get around the uneven dyeing. I’ve admired those jeans before, but they really are so amazing.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much! These jeans are my absolute favorite make. I really need to make another pair before they wear out!

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  7. jendavismiller Avatar

    Oh that was a clever save. I’d have never thought of it and just given up in despair. Nice to see a really interesting and creative use for the “fancy” stitches.

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks Jen! I’m so happy with the results. :)

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