Indigo dreaming

I’m really loving the results of my two batches of Indigo dyeing!  I think I could happily wear blue every day!  I’ve gotten lovely comments every time I’ve worn my new makes, brightening my days.  You can read more on my indigo dyeing adventures here and here and see more pics of my dyeing on my facebook page.

Indigo dreaming Sew Pomona

First up is my Organic Reversible Skirt from Shape Shape!  You can read more about this make here.  I love how the shibori folding turned out, really pretty and not too overpowering.  I didn’t want the skirt to be too dark as I’ll get more wear out of it in the spring and summer and the folding technique left most of the skirt its natural color.  In these pics I’m wearing it with a tan tank and the mohair shrug that I also dyed.  I’m also wearing these amazing earrings I found at the Naples Botanical Gardens gift shop.  A perfect match and made out of real leaves, so cool!  I don’t wear much jewelry but now that I’m not buying any RTW clothing a splurge here and there on jewelery seems totally reasonable.

It was super sunny out today  so a bit harder to get great pics.  I really want to upgrade my camera soon plus get a tripod, just need to save up.  I’m always improvising when we’re out trying to find level surface to set my point and shoot little camera.   Ami wasn’t too happy with all the picture-taking this morning so I got some shots with her that she loved taking.  She likes to help out and loves taking jumping & spinning pics while the timer is going off.  As a SAHM I take pics when I can, which is mostly out at parks or gardens while my oldest is at school.

Next up are pics of my Boden white wrap dress that I also dyed this go around.  The pattern is also light and airy and you can really notice all the extra details that went into this dress now.  I’ve had this one for at least 6 years and it still looks pristine, I want to make some copies of this wrap dress since it’s so easy to wear and flattering.

This week I’m mostly focusing on the kids and some housekeeping and trying to limit my sewing/computer time so I’m working on more hand sewing work.  I just finished the stitching for my jeans pockets (I made an oval overlapping pattern that I sashiko stitched) and finished up the back of my jeans.  Hoping to complete them this weekend with pics to follow!

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  1. What a beautiful fabric you have created :) the sunny days of Florida’s February months make a pleasant change for me as I bask at your pictures from a -3 temperature here in the mountains :0) mb

    1. Thanks so much Mari! I’m really happy with how the pieces came out. I love living in Florida, I’m a northern transplant and can’t imagine living in the cold again.

      1. I am glad that you are enjoying it… I lived in Florida for awhile but found that I missed the cold and the mountains too much to make it permanent :) mb

    1. Thanks Annie! You definitely need to give natural dyeing a try-its so much fun! I love that I can make my own pieces even more unique.

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