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Today is Fashion Revolution Day-April 24!  If you haven’t heard of it already it’s a global campaign to raise awareness and  standards in the fashion industry after the horrible factory tragedy in Bangladesh that took the lives of over 1000 garment workers and injured many more.  I’ve taken the fashion revolution pledge over at Things for Boys– go sign up! Also check out Behind the Hedgerow’s post!

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One of the reasons I started sewing my own clothes was so I could choose more eco-friendly materials and know where & how my clothes are being made.  It’s really important to me  try to purchase materials that are fair trade, organic, sustainable & most importantly ethically made.

The purpose of wearing our garments Inside Out today is to encourage the fashion industry to increase transparency and to get us thinking about where our garments are made.  My mostly handmade outfit for today is a partly new make.  A Grainline tiny tee tank ( I’ll be blogging about it next week) made from a repurposed World Market curtain, the material is made in India, and my favorite organic skirt- my naturally dyed flared wave skirt– which was sourced through Near Sea Naturals.  I’m also wearing a tank top underneath that is from Old Navy  and made in Indonesia.  Sorry the pics aren’t better- last-minute and indoors.  My top looks pretty good as it has bound edges and my skirt is finished pretty well so I don’t look like a train wreck!  I’m wearing what I had planned to wear today anyway- I totally forgot today was the day until I saw some other blog posts this morning.

Today when someone asks: Who Made Your Clothes- I can happily say Me!

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  2. Daniela Avatar

    Bravo for taking part! Your skirt looks very Japanese #insideout and goes well with the scallop pattern fabric top. Really enjoying reading everyone’s Fashion Revolution blog posts today :)

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much Daniela! I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s posts today too! :)

  3. rebeccadoe Avatar

    I’m with you. That’s exactly one of my reasons to sew. More and more I wish I also would know more about the fabrics I buy. I know the materials and sometimes I know about the productionprocess, but not all of the time.

    Anyhow, it looks great inside out :-)
    Herzliche Grüße,

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks Rebecca! I wish it was easier to source materials- but at least I control the final product and labor of my own handmade pieces. :)

  4. laurabehindthehedgerow Avatar

    Great post – love the fabric of the top. Maybe my eyes are just warped from looking at so many inside out clothes today but I just love the look! I think we should all wear our clothes inside out more often – especially our handmade ones! Thanks for getting involved. x

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks so much Laura! I feel the same way- so many of the makes I saw posted today were just as pretty on the inside! Thanks for organizing this event!

  5. thingsforboys Avatar

    Thanks for joining the revolution! I hope we can cause great change!

    1. Rebecca Avatar

      Thanks for organizing the event! I hope so too!

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