Little Girl’s Wrap Skirt

I love making quick and easy projects, and this little wrap skirt for Ami fits the bill!   I made this start to finish in about an hour.  One of my favorite things about making clothes for Ami is that I need so little material to make something cute.  I usually just stock up on remnants since I usually need less than a yard to make something for her.

The pattern for the skirt is self drafted.  I wanted to make something for my daughter that was more like my own clothing, and less little girl.  I got a lot of inspiration from the skirts I’ve sewn recently from my Japanese pattern book Shape Shape and after putting a few together knew just the shape I wanted.  I went with a simple 2 button closure since it’s easier to put on my little wriggler.

Aren’t these buttons adorable! I’ve been waiting for the perfect project to use these.  I got them from Joann’s probably a year ago.  The fabric is a cute blue seersucker stripe that was a remnant from Joann’s that I bought before the holidays and never used.

I’m working on making a tutorial to go along with this skirt.  So stay tuned for that!

Little Wrap Skirt at Sew Pomona

Happy Sewing!

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