KCW! Day 1 Makes!

Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014-Mini Me Makes- Day 1

Can’t believe the season has flown so quickly and it’s time for Kids Clothes Week sewing already!  Spring is in the air- or summer here in Florida :)  It’s been in the 80’s by the afternoon and the kids swam at the beach already this past weekend.  So my makes for the week are going to consist of shorts for both kids, some easy knit dresses for Ami and a swim trunks for Nigel.  I just ordered a bunch of awesome swimsuit material for the kids from  The Fabric Fairy so I’ll be making up some rashguards, swim trunks and swim leggings for the kids soon too!  I haven’t had any lucky finding a source for more eco-friendly swim fabric so if you know of one please let me know!  Cover ups and sun protection are always my biggest splurges for the year so I’m excited to save some money by making our swim gear for the first time.

The theme for this season’s KCW is Mini Me!  I’m taking it a bit literally by using almost all clothes from myself and my husband to refashion for the kids.  I’m also planning on making Ami a little empire waist dress to match mine later in the week!  I cut out a ton of patterns and fabric yesterday so I’d be ready to start on my sewing.  I made my first make today during Ami’s nap time- she woke just after I sewed on the last button :)

Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014-Mini Me Makes- Day 1
Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014-Mini Me Makes- Day 1

So here’s day 1’s make- a cute top and shorts from McCall’s M4762 cut in a size 4 for Amelie.  I used a circle skirt I’ve had for at least 10 years to refashion this make.  It’s a cute little piece from Boden that I love but got tired of wearing after so long.  I cut the piece apart removing the binding on the waistband first to reuse.  I was able to reuse the lining for the bodice which worked perfectly and keeps this make really lightweight and comfy.  I was able to get all my pieces laid out while leaving the bottom binding for the hem on all but two pieces of the shorts but was able to use the waistband to bind those edges- I had just enough fabric!  I had to work a bit around all the darts cut into the skirt but made it work.

Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014-Mini Me Makes- Day 1
Kids Clothes Week Spring 2014-Mini Me Makes- Day 1

So happy with this make- I think it’s adorable!  I love the buttons in the back and will definitely use this pattern again- the shorts are perfect!  The only alterations I made to the pattern were leaving my hems intact and not adding the attached waistband since I ran out of fabric.  I made these in a size 4 (my daughter is almost 3 now- just 3 more weeks to go!) so I knew I’d have plenty of room to just fold down the waist and add elastic.  I serged all my pieces which made for a nice clean interior. Looking forward to sewing the rest of this week!  Sewing for the kids is so quick and easy- a nice break from my own clothing sewing.

KCW Spring Mini Me- Day 1 Makes

Can’t wait to see everyone’s makes this week-Happy Sewing!

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    1. I rarely buy fabric for the kids, usually only for special occasions. It’s so easy to make them things out of my own closet-and my husbands-when I clean it out periodically. :)

  1. This is an adorable color combo for Amelie’s eyes and coloring. Look how easily she can move in her new outfit.

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