KCW Day 3- Refashioned Pinafore Dress

Before I started blogging I always loved seeing what everyone was posting for Kid’s Clothes Week.  This week I’m participating for the first time myself in the 2014 Winter Challenge!  I love the idea of devoting one hour a day for 7 days to creating clothes for my little ones. For the first 2 days of the challenge I used Ami’s nap time to plan out what I wanted to sew, went through my stash (my goal is to use up as much of my remnants as possible), and traced/ cut out my patterns and fabric.  Normally I  sew on the weekends( when my husband is home) or late at night when the kids are asleep, but luckily Ami’s been napping really well again this week so I have been able to fit in the hour each day.   Fingers crossed that it stays this way!

KCW Refashioned Pinafore Dress Sew Pomona

Here’s my first make, a simple pinafore dress from Girls Style Book by Yoshiko Tsukiori and H.H., Dress W.  I refashioned this out of one of my early handmade dresses, a frock I made right after Ami was born with a wrap tie bodice, which I altered for breastfeeding access, but it quickly became too large as I lost the baby weight and it started to look matronly. The fabric is a lovely black and white leaf print that I bought at Joann’s maybe 2 years ago. I altered this dress first into a skirt and now into a dress for Amelie!

Winter in Florida is rarely cold as you can see from the pics we took today!  Today was in the high 60’s and a bit overcast but still Amelie was still in short sleeves.  Yesterday the high was 80- I love this weather!  I love how the print pops with the bright blue clothes Ami’s wearing with it.  This is the first thing I’ve made that isn’t pink or purple that Ami was really excited to wear :)

I altered the pattern a bit by shortening the length to work with the existing hem and small flounce I had added on the skirt and made the sides meet at an angle. I made this in the size 4 but didn’t add-on the seam allowances which I thought wound make it a bit more fitted for Ami, it’s a perfect fit.  The pattern itself comes in even sizes 2-10 girls.  I also enclosed all my seams since I know Ami won’t wear anything if it’s even the tiniest bit scratchy.  The directions on this pattern were pretty easy to follow with really nice diagrams.  I’m a really visual person so I often go the images shown when I’m sewing.  I used a sky blue piece of linen as the facing.  The dress has two small pockets which next time I think I’ll make a bit larger.  Overall I’m really happy with this dress and Ami loves it.  Lately she hasn’t wanted to pose for me but today she was happy to twirl around in her new dress!

4 thoughts on “KCW Day 3- Refashioned Pinafore Dress”

  1. Well done! Lovely pinafore. I’m participating also by making a pair of corduroy skinny jeans for my toddler. Finished late last night so need to photo and write post over the next few days. I also joined in last October and made a dress, it gives you an incentive to pull your finger out and get sewing!

    1. Thanks so much! Can’t wait too see your corduroy’s! The KCW challenge is really motivating me to get more sewing done this week. It’s a nice change of pace focusing on making clothes for the kids instead of for myself. My clothes tend to be so much more labor & time intensive, fun whipping up a quick project :)

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