Kids Clothes Week! Summer 2016

School starts in two more weeks so KCW-that’s kids clothes week– is timed perfectly for me this summer! I don’t sew for the kiddos that regularly so it’s always nice to focus for just a week each season. The goal is to spend an hour a day sewing for our kids. Sometimes that’s more challenging then it seems!

This season I started early. I wanted to make sure everything was finished on time. So I prepped all my sewing two weeks ago and did the actual sewing last week. Sewing and documenting everything in just one week is what always kills me! Especially now that the kiddos are 5 and 7 and don’t enjoy me taking pics all the time like they used to.

Kids Clothes Week! Summer 2016 , Sew Pomona

First up is my make for Ami.  She is 5 going on 15 and has very definite ideas on her style.  For back to school this year she really wanted to go shopping and pick out her own school clothes and a new backpack.  At first I was a bit sad she didn’t want me to make them but I really don’t have time to sew all the things so it was a bit of a relief.

Instead I focused on making her one special item.  I just joined my local Ft. Lauderdale chapter of the American Sewing Guild -ASG- and at my first local meeting (Plantation) we picked out doilies and handkerchiefs to remake and reuse.  I chose two very pretty and simple white handkerchiefs with no real ideas of what I would make.  But I soon spotted this top- a La Fleur & Le Papillon Dress (from Zulily)– on Pinterest and was inspired.

Kids Clothes Week! Summer 2016 , Sew Pomona

I sewed a simple bodice with bias at the arm and neck.  It’s a refashion from my Deer and Doe Centauree Dress.  Such a pretty dress but rarely worn.  I hand dyed the fabric so wanted to reuse it.  Can you guess what color is Amelie’s fav?  Pink, of course!  I went with a top so Ami could mix this with pants- dresses just don’t get as much wear.  I LOVE how this turned out.  It’s so pretty but still cool (and comfortable) for my Ami.

Kids Clothes Week! Summer 2016 , Sew Pomona

The pink and white combo is so pretty.  I love the idea of a faux purse with buttons for the strap and matching collar.  I played around with gathering the handkerchief until I got a shape I like and pressed away and then stitched it down.  The faux bag is a totally functioning pocket with the botton just sewn on to the top flap. I was afraid a real button would tear the fabric with use.  The edges are all finished with bias and the back has a opening that closes with a button and an elastic loop.  Perfect use for all my random extra buttons too!

Kids Clothes Week! Summer 2016 , Sew Pomona

Next time I’ll make a longer version and add a full lining-maybe reversible?  I figure that will keep all the seems enclosed.  I’m contemplating  making up some of these to sell in various sizes using recycled materials so let me know if you’d be interested in ordering one!

Kids Clothes Week! Summer 2016 , Sew Pomona


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Next up- a ton of makes for Nigel! So stay tuned later in the week.   He requested a new Union Jack backpack (he outgrew this one) and I made him a ton of refashions using McCalls M7379 Raglan and Shorts.  I made them all assembly line style out of my husbands old tee’s and dress pants.  6 shirts and 4 pairs of shorts-I’ve been busy!!!

Happy KCW!!!






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    1. Thanks so much! I love how the dye turned out on this fabric so I was really happy to be able to reuse it for Ami. Thanks! :)

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