Lavender Faux Jumpsuit

Back in high school I had the loveliest lavender suit. It was the 90’s- it had square shoulders, a cloth belt and wide leg pants. But what really made it fabulous was the color. I hadn’t worn that color in ages but when I was redoing my color palette this year I wanted to add that in. I’d been planning on making a faux jumpsuit/two piece set all summer and figured I better get a move on before it’s winter already! I love a jumpsuit but they’re just not comfortable for all day wear. My goal is to make a few more makes like this. Matching tops and bottoms using the same fabric that can be worn together (tucked in or out) or as separates.

As soon as I saw this lavender linen at Blackbird 2 yards went into my cart! I had already bought a darker mauve color way of this linen the month before that while pretty wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for this two piece look. The color on this is just spot on from what I remember of that 90’s suit (which I wish I still had!)

I made my muslin version a few months ago that you can see here. This make is my faux jumpsuit tester. A good thing since the linen just kept growing and growing while I was working on this! You can see some of my other sketch ideas above for the next versions, a navy for fall and a tropical print. Looking now at my sketches I may make a version that’s a long midi skirt. My bust darts look slightly off because I kept having to take in more fabric, even after stay stitching everything. I added a center front seam to help remedy the width which I now like. The pants fit perfectly now, but I had to take out quite a bit (like 2 ” in Center back which is crazy.) Linen can be a real PITA! I do love how this looks so it all worked out in the end. Next make will in a sturdier weave!

All the Details:


Self drafted culotte and square neck tank using Suzy Furrer’s Craftsy Class. Square neck tank has side bust darts, V back neck cut on seam, and a side invisible zipper. Culotte has seamed fronts and backs that are worked into the darts and inseam angled pockets with a side zip and button closure on a straight waistband.

you can view the muslins post here


6.5oz Linen - Lilac | Blackbird Fabrics

Lilac Linen from Blackbird fabrics (OOS)

I just love the back! The square neck in front with the contrast v in the back is so cool. I love that this is just as pretty front and back. And this color just makes me smile! I’m wearing the pants today with a simple white tee for a casual look. They’re so versatile.

Plus my fav addition- great pockets. I love a nice deep pocket that can hold mail/keys or whatever I’ve got on hand. I really like an inseam pocket which is why I drafted these with front and back center seams. It creates a nice horizontal line, especially when made up in a solid. Plus having that seam makes the pockets super easy to add and a bit more stable. I’ll definitely be making this look again.

On the home front:

We had a fantastic Octoberfest! Vic grilled Brats, we had two kinds of sauerkraut, warm pretzels with mustard, creamed potatoes and of course some Becks and Schofferhofer Grapefruit beer (so delish!). The big hit was my Danube waves cake! We’re planning out our halloween party for this weekend which should be tons of fun!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do with my life now that the kids are getting older. Working from home for the last two years has been great- especially now- but while I’m quite good at it it’s far from my dream job. While I’ve missed visual merchandising and working in interiors but it’s not really my passion anymore. So I’ve decided to go back to school to get a certificate in apparel design or patternmaking. I really love drafting more than sewing and want to increase my skill set so I can eventually become a professional pattern maker. The technical aspect of it really appeals to me. I’m researching programs and can’t wait to get started.

Back soon with some more makes. Happy Sewing!

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