Loved: Slow Fashion October

It’s been such a nice breather working on my hand-dyed knitted sweater for Slow Fashion October. Working on all the patterns cables takes a bit of concentration but it’s so relaxing.  Almost meditative. My brother just took up knitting too, so I’ve been helping him out a bit via Skype. He just made an awesome shark scarf for one of his nephews and is making my kids fish scarves for Christmas too!  They’re psyched!

I love to knit.  I taught myself in my late 20’s, way before I learned to sew,  but haven’t done much in ages.  Mainly because the weather here in Florida is just not conducive to knitwear. All my hats, scarves and sweaters are packed away for trips up north.  I’m really loving how this sweater I’m working on is turning out! Here’s the pattern link again if you’re interested. The color is so pretty- totally worth the time it took to hand dye! Plus the cotton yarn is a nice weight for our Florida “winter” weather.  The cropped length and 3/4 sleeves should make it really versatile.

Slow Knitting for #slowfashionoctober handdyed knitted crop sweater, Sew Pomona Slow Knitting for #slowfashionoctober handdyed knitted crop sweater, Sew Pomona Slow Knitting for #slowfashionoctober handdyed knitted crop sweater, Sew Pomona

For the past few months we’ve been dealing with some stressful dental issues with my daughter Ami.   I’ve been working to up our family’s nutrition with traditional foods, FCLO/BO and vitamins.  My weekdays have been focused on the kids.  Teaching Ami preschool at home while Nigel is at school, outings to parks and crafts, cooking and lots of cleaning.  We’re still trying to sell our condo (6mo now) to move closer to my husband’s work in Ft. Lauderdale and keeping the house ready for weekly last minute showings takes so much work.  At least it’s taught me some good cleaning habits!  I’ve really only had time to sew on the weekends.  Focusing on one project has really helped me relax and decompress.

Week 3, October 12-18      Theme: LOVED
proudest accomplishment / most loved item / most frequently worn item / thing you saved up for / investment pieces / thing you worked a long time on / oldest thing that’s still in rotation

Proudest Sewing Accomplishment:

Indigo Dyed Jeans Sew Pomona Indigo Dyed Jeans- Sew Pomona

First Pair of Jeans!  Plus I dyed them myself in Indigo and Used Sashiko stitching for the pockets.  Love these!


Most Loved:

Holly Hawthorn Dress,By Hand London, Colette Patterns, by Sew Pomona

My Holly Hawthorn Dress!  I love the length, shape and fit.  Plus I’m always happy wearing white linen!


Most Worn:

Simple Tank Slp using Knit Sloper, Sew Pomona

Grainline Tank and Indigo shibori Wrap Skirt from Shape Shape. Sew Pomona

Shape Shape Skirts- one a kimono refashion the other organic and naturally dyed.  Plus my most worn top- Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank made out of one of my babywearing wraps!

Saved up for:

Vintage Vogue Blooming Dress Vintage Vogue Blooming Dress

This Marcy Tilton fabric!  I fell in love with this print and had to have it!  I made and wore this in honor of my Grandmother.  It’s one year now since she passed and every time I take this dress out to wear it reminds me of her!  Vintage Vogue Dress and Burda Jacket

Investment Pieces:

Bias Tube Dress in Organic Voile, Sew Pomona

A Chanel Inspired Francoise, Sew Pomona A Chanel Inspired Francoise Dress, Sew Pomona

My Bias Tube dress in Organic Voile (self drafted) and my Francoise Quilted Chanel Style Dress (Tilly and the Buttons).  Classic and Chic!

Worked on For a Long Time:

Rouleau Edged Top and Look 2 Sew Pomona

Organic Denim Keans with hand embroidered pockets, Sew Pomona

Organic Denim Jeans with hand embroidered pockets, Sew Pomona

My newest top using Bias Tube Rouleau Edging dyed naturally in a hemp silk and my fav organic denim jeans with floral embroidered pockets.  Both labors of love!

Oldest Sewn Items in Rotation:

Birthday Dress + Lingerie Sewing

Colette Hawthorn Dress Sew Pomona

My earliest makes-both still worn.  One of my first successful sews, Gertie’s Dress– made for my Halloween costume as Jess from New Girl and my lovely Collette Hawthorn Dress.  These dresses both increased my sewing skills as a novice sewer.  I’m still so proud of both these early makes.


I really do LOVE my hand sewn wardrobe.  It’s made an amazing difference to my self confidence, especially as a Stay at Home Mom.  I lost my sense of style for a while there, home with little babies and transitioning to a new lifestyle, but I think I finally have it back!  Are you participating in Slow Fashion October too? I’d love to hear what you’re working on this month!  Happy Sewing/Knitting!


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  1. Wow! I love seeing your favorite items that you’ve made! They are really impressive and inspiring. I love the Chanel inspired dress and the jeans with the embroidered flowers on the pockets.

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