Me Made May Roundup 2017

 This Me Made May has been really eye-opening.  The last few years have been a breeze coming up with handmade looks but this year I noticed quite a few gaps and many of my makes I just didn’t want to wear. My taste and style has shifted in the last year now that the kids are in school and I’m back working. I want to look chic and stylish on my days off.   My hippy mama looks just don’t cut it anymore.
I’ll be rethinking my silhouettes and fabrics and hopefully refashioning what isn’t working in my closet.  My favorite pieces were my newest makes for work, clean lines and neutral colors.  I have a good selection of fall pieces but need a few more basics for summer.I decided to cut back and just post to Instagram this year and it really took all the self-imposed pressure off. I setup my balcony for my daily pics and kept everything simple this go around.

Here’s what I wore in May:

 Day 4 Navy Tank + Rust Culottes

Day 5 #mmmay17 At home today working on some freelance sewing work wearing my @truebias Colfax dress in liberty prints from @moodfabrics . #seamstress #handmadewardrobe #memademay #ootd #colfax #libertyoflondonDay 5 Colfax Dress

Day 6 #mmmay17 Today was spent doing some spring cleaning, farmer's market shopping and finishing up some pattern testing. Wearing a @truebias odgen cami refashioned from a men's dress shirt and my fab white organic denim @organiccottonplus Morgan Jeans @closetcase.patterns ! #memademay #handmadewardrobe #organiccotton #sewingblogger #handmadejeans #refashionedDay 6 Unblogged Odgen Cami + White Morgan Jeans

Day 7 #mmmay17 poolside with the kiddos wearing a newly made bikini. The top is an altered @clothhabit watson that I was esperimenting with. It's strappy in back. Most of the day was spent in a dress I just finished pattern testing so can't share yet. #handmadeswimwear #imakemyclothes #memademay

 Day 7 Unblogged Watson Bikini

Day 8 #mmmay17 Wore my Morgan 👖@closetcase.patterns again with a thrifted silk blouse to work today. #memademay #ootdDay 8 White Morgan’s (RTW Blouse)

Day 9 #mmmay17 Wearing a Club Monaco tee and necklace(I work there PT) with my Denim Culottes today. The pants are another hack of B5504's pockets and @byhandlondon Holly pants. Fabric from @marcytilton #ootd #handmadewardrobe #sewingblogger #workwardrobeDay 9 Denim Culottes (RTW Tee)

Day 11 #mmmay17 Feeling very summery in a new top today, Lekala 5899, a gorgeous linen knit from @marcytilton with my white linen Holly pants @byhandlondon . #ootd #linen #handmadewardrobe #sewingblogger #memadeeveryday

 Day 12 Lekala tank (I’ll be blogging about this make soon!) + White Holly Pants

Day 13 #mmmay17 At the beach with the fam celebrating our 11th Anniversary today!💗💍🎉 Wearing a new bikini @mccallpatterncompany M5400. #handmadeswimwear #ootd

 Day 13 My 11th Wedding Anniversary!  Unblogged M5400 Bikini

Thoroughly enjoying Mother's Day with my sweet kiddos! I was treated to breakfast in bed (with help from daddy), lots of hand made gifts and two kid decorated cakes! It's Day 14 #mmmay17 and I'm wearing another of my Odgen Cami @truebias that's a refashion of one of my first makes a flared wave skirt. It was originally dyed with cabbage and now overdyed with Quebracho Rojo. Worn with my Denim Cullottes. #mothersday #ootd #handmadeeveryday #sewingblogger

 Day 14 Mother’s Day! Unblogged Odgen Cami (refashion of this skirt) + Denim Culottes

Day 15 #mmmay17 Lounging at home after work in a self drafted tank, Carolyn pj shorts @closetcase.patterns (+ a Watson bra @clothhabit ) re-reading The Grand Sophy! #ootd #handmadepajamas #memadeeveryday #organiccottonsDay 15 Unblogged tank + Carolyn PJ shorts

Day 17 #mmmay17 wearing a bright blue knit tee and my Shape Shape indigo dyed wrap skirt. #ootd #memadeeveryday #sewingblogger #naturaldyes

 Day 17 Unblogged Tee + Wrap Skirt

Day 18 #mmmay17 Wearing my white linen Shape Shape side button blouse and @organiccottonplus batiste YSL Vogue V2180 @mccallpatterncompany pants (remade into shorts). They were originally hand-dyed a light grey but I overdyed them last week with Quebracho rojo. #ootd #naturaldyes #sewingblogger #handmadewardrobeDay 18  Shape Shape Blouse + Shorts( refashioned from these pants)

Day 20 #mmmay17 wearing a shibori Quebracho rojo dyed lemon drop maxi dress @sbccpatterns that I made 3 years ago. #naturaldyes #handmadewardrobe

 Day 20 Lemon Drop Maxi

Day 22 #mmmay17 wearing a self drafted white tee and my Shape Shape apron wrap skirt. #handmadewardrobe #sewingblogger #blueandwhite

 Day 22 Unblogged White Tee + Apron Skirt

Day 23 #mmmay17 Going for comfort after work in my modified blue UPF skater dress @kitschycoo.

 Day 23 Skater UPF Dress

Day 24 #mmmay17 Lounging at home in Carolyn pj bottoms @closetcase.patterns and a mint tee after work. #handmadepajamas #memadeeveryday

 Day 24 Unblogged Tee + Carolyn PJ Pants

Day 26 #mmmay17 relaxing after work in a tiny pocket tank @grainlinestudio and onion skin overdyed shorts. Looking forward to a relaxing long weekend at my mom's after finishing up all my freelance sewing this morning!

 Day 25 Tiny Pocket Tank + Unblogged Holly Hack Shorts

Day 26 #mmmay17 first repeat outfit this month. Wearing an odgen cami @truebias and my embroidered jeans. Easy, comfy outfit for my helping out at my daughter's end of school year party! #roommom #ootd #odgencami

  Day 26 Odgen Cami + Embroidered Denim

Day 27 #mmmay17 Wearing my onion skin dyed Holly Hawthorn Dress @byhandlondon @colettepatterns to give a talk on natural dyes to my local ASG Plantation Group today! #naturaldyes #ootd #sewingblogger #asg

 Day 27 Onion Skin Dyed Holly Hawthorn Dress

Yesterday's outfit, day 28, for #mmmay17. I wore my navy odgen cami @truebias and B5504 linen striped capri's @mccallpatterncompany at my parent's house for the long weekend. #ootd #handmadewardrobe

  Day 28 Odgen Cami + B5504 Capri’s

Day 29 MMM-Memorial Day🇺🇸- at my parent's house for the long weekend wearing my Lekala 5899 linen tank and my white linen Holly pants @byhandlondon. #ootd #linen #mmmay17Day 29 Repeat Outfit-Lekala Tank and White Holly’s

Last day of Me Made May! Day 31 wearing one of my favorite prints from @marcytilton. I just love this Pacific Grove panel! It's a vneck dress I modified from a tee, M6658 @mccallpatterncompany plus my navy leggings.#ootd #mmmay17 #memadeeveryday

 Day 31 Last Day of MMM! Pacific Grove Tee Dress + Navy leggings

Me Made May really helps me to mix and match my makes in new ways.  I only had one repeat outfit and that was by choice since I wanted to show it to my mom while we were visiting!
Some other insights:  I’m sewing much more than I’m blogging. The free time I have is so much less now that I’m back working that I want to sew whenever I get a chance.   I have quite a few makes I wore this month that were either simple basics or pieces I just haven’t had the time to blog about.  Hopefully with the summer off I’ll get a chance to share more.  Just 3 more days until the kids are out of school!  Thanks to Zoe for hosting MMM again! Back soon with some new makes!
Happy Sewing!

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  1. What a gorgeous collection! And you’re right, a shift in your style. Now your look stylish every day! Outstanding collection of colors and cuts, and superb craftsmanship. Marvelous May!

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