Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress


Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904 Sew Pomona

Oh how I LOVE this dress!  It so soft and comfy yet elegant at the same time.  It feels like I’m wearing yoga pants in dress form. I need more comfy makes like this one!  I made this back in July to wear for the 4th as my patriotic look but didn’t get around to taking pics of the dress until recently.


Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904 Sew Pomona


Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904 Sew Pomona


Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress for Vogue Patterns,V8904

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Bobby Blues Stripe Knit Rayon Lycra 4 way Stretch- 3 yards from Marcy Tilton

I used the stripes crosswise and needed to piece my bottom layer using some creative cutting since I was short a 1/4 yd. Originally I was planning this fabric for a different project.  I altered the front bodice to make the base layer lower and didn’t connect the necklines for the two layers to make this dress breastfeeding accessible.

Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904 Sew Pomona

Breastfeeding Access Detail:

Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904-breastfeeding access,Sew Pomona   Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904, breastfeeding Access detail, Sew Pomona

Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904 Sew Pomona

This was a really fun dress to put together.  It’s constructed out of a base dress that you add the shingles to one at a time on angles.  I found it easiest to lay both pieces out on my table lined up together as I added my layers to keep everything lined up.   Marcy’s blog  has a really helpful post on laying out the dress too.   I cut all my pieces carefully to keep my stripes lined up perfectly and ended each layer at a white stripe since the edges are left unfinished.  I cut this in a size 14 so I would have plenty of room to take it in on the sides so it would stay fitted but not skin-tight.  I probably took off a good inch on each side.  The layers are stitched with a simple zig zag stitch across the top and basted on the sides and then the whole piece was serged together.

Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904 Sew PomonaMarcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904 Sew Pomona

I wasn’t short on inspiration for this make! My dress was originally inspired by an older Anthropologie dress I adore- I just reversed the colors since I don’t wear black often.  You can see it on my pinterest board that’s linked below.  Here are some other fabulous versions of the Marcy Tilton dress that you should definitely check out.  The shorter length  by Amy at Sew Well and  Sarah at Goodbye Valentino( I’m participating in her RTW fast!), Communing with Fabric‘s long sleeve wiggle version and Crafted by Carrie‘s two versions here and here.  Happy Sewing!

Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress, V8904 Sew Pomona


7 thoughts on “Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress”

    1. Thanks Elaine! I love that you can’t tell by looking that it’s been modified. Stripes are the best- even thought this one does make my husband a little dizzy looking at it :)

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  2. Love it! It looks great on you. I was also inspired by that amazing dress from Anthropologie, and now I feel justified in not spending the $$$ thanks to this pattern. I’m almost finished with a dusty-rose rayon lycra version myself, although I almost wish I would’ve used a stripe—the fabric is pretty clingy and maybe a little too sexy for the Catholic wedding ceremony I’m wearing it to… ;)

    1. Thanks so much Dani! I love this dress! I can’t wait to make another one. Your dusty rose fabric sounds really lovely! I was worried a bit about how clingy my fabric was, it’s actually pretty thin, but the double layer helps. :)

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