Me Made May 2015: Week 2

It’s been a fun second week of Me Made May!  I’m not even tired of taking pictures on a daily basis yet either.  Thank goodness for my tripod- its made this years pic’s so much easier!  I’m, having fun trying to not repeat looks and planning out what I’ll wear every day.  I love how well everything in my closet is mixing together this year.

Here are this week’s looks-

Day 5: Holly Jumpsuit, By Hand London

IMG_1093 IMG_1089 (3)

Day 6: Refashions.  Knit asymmetrical Hem Tank and Skirt.

MMM Day 6- Refashioned Tank and knit skirt.  Sew Pomona

Day 7: Self Drafted Indigo Tank and Avocado dyed Marcy Tilton Pants.

MMM Day 7- Self Drafted Indigo Tank and Marcy Tilton Avocado dyed pants.  Sew Pomona

MMM Day 8- Theme Day: My Sewing Space.  Anne Klein V1382 Top and Skater Skirt.

MMM Day 8- My Sewing Space, Sew Pomona.  Anne Klein V1382 Top and knit skater skirt.

Day 9: Grainline Tank and Wrap Skirt(Indigo Shibori dyed) from Shape Shape.

MMM Day 9- Grainline Tank and Indigo shibori Wrap Skirt from Shape Shape.  Sew Pomona

Day 10: Mother’s Day- Bias Cut Tube Dresses drafted from my Bodice Sloper. Nigel in Me-made Refashioned pants (from his dad’s dress shirts) and Ami (asleep) in a me-made swimsuit. (all unblogged-I’ll have to remedy that!)

MMM Day 10-Happy Mother's Day!  Bias Cut Tube Dresses- Sew Pomona

MMM Day 11- Grainline Tank and Marcy Tilton Avocado dyed Pants.

MMM Day 11- Grainline Tank and Marcy Tilton Pants.  Sew Pomona

Mother’s Day was so lovely this year.  The kids (Nigel is 6 and Ami is 4 now!) made such lovely things for me.  Ami made me a clay dinosaur and Nigel had a week’s worth of projects for me! All cleverly hidden under his bed until the  big day.  He made a flower drawing, a butterfly clothes pin clip, a flower card, and a card with a drawing of me reading a story to him.  Just wonderful!  We spent the weekend with our moms.  Saturday was spent making dumplings with my mom and catching up with my sis while the kids played.  Sunday we went over to Vic’s sisters place and caught up with her family and his mom and dad.  It was a lovely relaxed week.

I can’t wait to share my bias tube dresses that I wore on Mother’s Day-hopefully next week!  I just love how they turned out!  Plus I’m working on some new self drafted swimwear for Ami (honeycomb with bee’s)and for myself (blue and white abstract floral)!  How’s your Me Made May going?


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