Me Made May 2015: Week 4 Naples + Miami

We’re in the homestretch now for Me Made May! Only one last week to go.  So far what’s been working best for me are tanks and skirts or pants-i.e. easy to mix and match separates.  Planning out my color palette has made a huge difference this year in that regard. Most of my wardrobe is comprised of navy, whites and neutrals.  Probably the biggest factor in what I wear though is our weather.  It’s quite hot here in Florida- 70’s in the morning and 90’s by the afternoon. And since I walk my kids to and from school every day my clothes need to be pretty and functional.

What I really need to sew is more pants and shorts and a few more dresses.  I thought I had too many dresses but now that I’m not breastfeeding as much (just at naps and nighttime) they’re becoming easy to wear again.  I always said the year I finished breastfeeding I would wear dresses everyday!  It’s taken 6 years but that day is getting closer :)

I’ve also reworked a few pieces this past week for wearability. I cut down my Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress into a skirt.  I loved how it looked but it was a bit too figure hugging for me.  I felt a bit too dressed up and on display wearing it.  I think it’s the stripes.  They’re a bit too much for my taste.  I’m thinking I’d like another version in a solid color, maybe a lavender.  I also cut off the scarves on my white linen Shape Shape Blouse and re-sewed down the facing.  It’s so much more wearable now-plus I don’t have to iron it in order to wear it.

This is really why I love participating in MMM.  It helps me to hone what works and change up how I’m wearing my clothes.  So far I haven’t repeated an entire outfit other then dresses! And now onto the pictures!

Here’s what I wore this week:

Day 18- Grainline Tank and Marcy Tilton Pants.  Grocery Shopping and cleaning in style!


Day 19- Anne Klein V1382 Top and Shape Shape Apron Skirt.  Playing with Ami at Cocohatchee Park next to the marina.


Day 20-  Self Drafted Indigo Tank and Shape Shape Flared Wave Skirt + Headband.  I love this look!  I’ve never worn these together this way and love how the twisted headband pulls together this slightly grecian look.


Day  21- Asymmetrical Refashion Tank and Skater Skirt + matching headband.  Chore day today so nice comfy clothes- basically pretty pj’s!


Day 22- Grainline Silk Tank and Marcy Tilton Shingle Dress cut down to a skirt.  Today was Nigel’s school kindergarten concert with all 6!! classes.  We headed straight from school across the Alley to Miami for the weekend!


Day 23- Miami- Memorial Day Weekend- Self Drafted Indigo Tank and Shape Shape Wrap Skirt. Wonderful relaxed mini vacay in Miami staying at my dad’s condo in Brickell.  Can’t beat the 30th floor waterfront views.  We took a lovely waterfront walk to Brickell Key and played at the two nearby playgrounds while Vic did some fishing.  Home for swimming and play at the indoor playground.  We love taking little trips like this.  Just enough of a break with something new to see.  Plus easy to stay in budget since we eat in after grocery shopping nearby.


Day 24-Miami-Shape Shape Sleeveless Scarf Blouse (scarves removed) and Marcy Tilton Pants.  We spent a relaxing day in Miami.  A trip to Outdoor World at Bass Pro with the kids and swimming in my dad’s condo’s rooftop pool.

MMM Week 4- What I Wore- Sew Pomona

Day 25- Ikat Knit Lady Skater Dress.  Our last morning in Miami before heading home to Naples.  We spent the morning walking down Brickell Ave to see the waterfront and play at a local playground with the most lovely large Magnolia Trees I’ve seen.

MMM Week 4- Sew Pomona IMG_1894

Stay tuned- on Thursday I’ll be posting Ami’s new self drafted swimsuit! Plus a free pattern and tutorial to follow soon!  Happy Sewing!

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    1. Thanks so much! I’m so happy I cut that dress down to a skirt. It’s going to get worn a lot more now! :)

  1. Another set of lovely outfits! You have really found your style and sticking to it, looking very lovely in the process.

  2. I love the skinny stripes skirt with the navy/white silk top–another great combo! Once you find your style and your colors, everything works so well together. Stunning!

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